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Baron Soontir Fel

The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

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Looking for a Worlds 2016 Inquisitor alt-art card, I have the following to trade:


6x AA Gold Squadron pilot card
3x AA Scum Boba pilot card
1x AA Chewbacca pilot card
1x AA Luke Skywalker (old) pilot card
1x AA Luke Skywalker (2015) pilot card
1x AA Mauler Mithel pilot card
2x AA Soontir Fel pilot card
2x AA Bandit Squadron (Imdaar Alpha event) pilot card
6x AA Ten Numb pilot card
5x AA Dagger Squadron pilot card
2x AA Gunner upgrade card
1x AA C3PO upgrade card
2x silver and black X-wing Dice bags
1x set of 2014 Regionals Movement templates
2x 2014 Store Championship Range Rulers (matches the 2014 Regionals Movement templates)
1x 2016 Store Championship Range Ruler (light-blue, matches the new Shield tokens)
1x 2016 Store Championship Challenge coin
30x acrylic Focus Tokens (new, light-green)
10x acrylic Evade Tokens (new, light-green)
5x acrylic Stress tokens
1x set of Season 0 Acrylic Target Lock tokens (green and red)
1x Imperial Raider minus Palpatine & the Tie Adv. upgrade and pilot cards

Edited by Keffisch

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Updated List (9/12/2016)WantsAcrylic Dice (Swirl, transparent, worlds, white)

Acrylic Crit Tokens

Acrylic Target Locks (Red and Blue)

AA Vader (worlds)

AA Boba (imperial)

AA Lando

AA Raider

AA Corvette

AA Biggs Plastic


Challenge Coin 2016 Spring kit (x2)

Acrylic Focus (light Green x5)

Acrylic Evade (light green x5)

Acrylic Focus (dark green x5)

Acrylic Stress (x5) Black on Red

Acrylic Cloak Token (x2)

Acrylic Ion Tokens (x12) orange

Acrylic Extra Munitions Tokens (x5)

Acrylic Proximity Mine (x1)

Acrylic Proton Bomb (x1)

Acrylic Range Ruler 2016 Store Championship (blue)

Acrylic Range Ruler 2015 spring kit (red)

Acrylic range 1,2 templates Hoth Open

Acrylic Stress (x6) black on orange

Acrylic Target Locks 1-5 red/greenHoth Open cards,AA Mauler Mithal

AA Ten Numb

AA Jendon

AA Boba Fett (scum)

AA Han Solo (movie still)

AA Scimitar (x4)

AA Recon Specialist (x2)

AA Gunner (x2)

AA Hera Syndulla

AA Luke/Vader reversible fathers day promo

AA Over-sized Han/Boba reversible card (x3)

AA Corran Horn

AA Omega Ace

AA Predator

Bomber Deck Box

B-Wing Deck Box

Falcon Deck Box

X-wing Dice Bag

I am a confirmed Ace trader located in the US and will trade internationally

I also want any 2016 worlds promos. Edited by skins1924

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Crap!  I just bought the Rebel X-Wing maneuver dial upgrade kit and like the idiot I am I threw away my little Ghost and ARC-170 icons.


Anyone have extra, or maybe a link to where I can just print them up and use them? 

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Worlds 2016 promos for X-wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault

Omega Ace


Double sided T-70/TIE fo (non plastic)


2016 National promos for X-wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault


Boba Fett (imperial)

Biggs (plastic)

I'm willing to trade multiple cards for the rarer wants.

Located in the US.

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Based in Czech Republic, but succesfully trading worldwide, already aces - 7 times confirmed trader.(page 73,76,78,80,81,87,91)

Thank you



Promo Acrylic Tokens: Ion Tokens (Spring 2016)

AA Boba Fett Scums and Villainy 

AA Gunner (3x)

AA Recon Specialist 


AA Hera (only available for 2x Engine Upgrade, or Corran Horn on request, its my bro's card)



Cloak Device

4-LOM (crew)

R3 Astromech

Wired 2x

I have some additional upgrade cards for trade as well just ask.



AA Inquisitor

Tycho Celchu pilot card and base insert

Scourge pilot card

R2 Astromech 

Engine Upgrade x2
Ysanne Ysard
Edited by Dalcor

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AA Hera Syndulla


AA Ten Numb

2016 Stress Tokens (7)

2016 Ion Tokens (5)




AA Inquisitor

AA Wedge Antilles

AA Biggs Darklighter

Other hard-to-get AA pilots (make me an offer)

Acrylic Conner Net

Acrylic Cluster Mines (correct size)

Acrylic Proximity Mine

Acrylic Weapons Disabled token

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My list has been updated: 

This will now be my primary post that I update periodically and link back to.

  • X-Wing
    • Acrylic Connor Net
    • Acrylic Cluster Mines
    • 3rd Party Bomb Tokens
    • Fancy Dice
  • Imperial Assault
    • Fancy Dice
    • 3D tokens or Terrain
    • Regionals 2016 Challenge Coin
    • Acrylic Doors
    • Boba Fett Challenge Coin - Summer 2016
  • The LCG
    • Any cards really. 
    • Playmats.
    • Acrylic stuff.  
  • X-Wing
    • AA Ten Nunb
    • AA Assault on Imdaar Alpha Z-95
    • AA Han Solo
    • AA Han Solo (Worlds 2015)
    • AA Scimitar Squadron Pilot
    • AA Academy Pilot
    • AA Push the Limit
    • AA Veteran Instincts
    • AA Recon Specialist
    • AA C-3PO
    • AA Hera Syndulla
    • Acrylic Cloak Tokens
    • Acrylic Ion Tokens
    • AA Poe Dameron (Special card back: X-Wing Advertisement, not regular card back. I got this at Celebration Europe)
    • AA Inquisitor (Worlds 2016)
    • System Open Plastic Blue Squadron/Epsilon Squadron double sided card. 
  • Imperial Assault
    • AA Stormtroopers
    • AA Rebel Troopers
    • AA Trandoshan Hunters
    • AA Luke Skywalker
    • AA Han Solo
    • AA Bantha Rider
    • AA Vader (Worlds 2015)
    • AA C-3PO
    • AA Royal Guards
    • AA Dengar
    • Spring 2015 Medal/Pin thing
    • 2016 Store Championship Challenge Coin
    • Spring 2016 Kit Challenge Coin
    • Acrylic Focus Tokens
    • Rebel Damage Tracker
    • Rebel Damage Tracker
    • Acrylic Crates
    • Spring 2015 Dice Bag (Stormtrooper helmet)
    • AA Leia (Worlds 2016)
    • Acrylic Activation Tokens 
  • Armada
    • Acrylic Range Rulers
    • 2016 Store Championship Challenge Coin
    • AA Nebulon B
    • AA Raider
    • AA Tarkin (Worlds 2015)
    • AA Ackbar (Regionals 2016)
    • Acrylic Concentrate Fire tokens
    • Dice bag
    • Acrylic initiative/corner marker tokens
    • AA Reikan (Worlds 2016)
  • The LCG
    • Jedi Lightsaber Aurebesh
    • Red Five Aurebesh
    • AA Vader (Worlds 2015)
    • AA Boba (Worlds 2016)

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X-Wing Promo Cards

Alt art Inquisitor x3

Alt art Ten Numb

Alt art Bossk x2

Alt art Hera Syndulla

Alt art Soontir Fel

Alt art Dash Rendar

Alt art Darth Vader (2015 Winter Kit "Disco Vader")

Alt art Corran Horn

Alt art C-3PO x4

Alt art Gunner x3

Alt art Predator x2


X-Wing Promo Acrylics

Weapons Disabled Token x3

Extra Munitions Token x8

Light Red (2016 Spring Kit) Ion Token x4

2016 Store Tournament Range Ruler x2


X-Wing Miscellaneous

2016 Worlds Red Card Binder

Millennium Falcon Dice Bag

Tie Fighter Dice Bag


Non X-Wing

2016 Worlds Promos for IA, GoT, Armada, Star Wars Card Game, and Conquest






2015 Regional Shield Tokens

Critical Hit Tokens

Red on Black Stress Tokens

Dark Green Focus Tokens

Dark Green Evade Tokens

2016 Regional Dice

2015 Regional Alt art Boba Fett

Lots of Alt Art Cards Pre-2015 (just message me to ask, not looking for Chewbacca or Ten Numb)


Located in the US

Edited by red_2

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UPDATED - I'm UK based but happy to trade internationally, having done so successfully

Looking for

2016 worlds armada folder

Alt Art Lando

FFG acrylic focus tokens (original dark green ones)

FFG acrylic evade tokens (dark green regionals 2014)

FFG target locks 1-5 or 6-10

Alt Art Wedge

If you don't have any of these but you're interested in the trade items then message me and we can work something out.

Have for trade;-

Imperial Assault

Alt Art Leia - Worlds 2016


Set of 9 dice from early 2016 regionals

Alt Art Rieeken - worlds 2016

Alt Art Darth Vader - nationals 2016

Alt Art Mon Mothma

X Wing

Alt Art Bossk - nationals 2016

Acrylic Cluster Mines regional 2016 (correct size)

FFG acrylic 2016 Ion tokens - packs of 3

Alt Art Corran Horn

Alt Art Hera - regionals 2016

Alt Art Open Series - card version T70/Tie FO

Alt Art Predator

Alt art Rec Spec

Alt Art VI

Alt Art Gunner

Alt art Soontir Fel

Alt art scimitar

Edited by kharas1

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Have the following:

Hoth Open Double Sided Tie F/O and T70

AA Bossk

AA Scimitar Squadron (12)

AA Inquisitor (2) (1 trade is in discussions)

AA Omega Ace (2)

Acrylic Stress (red on black)

Acrylic Decloak

Acrylic Ion

1 red translucent dice

1 green translucent dice

Darth Vader Medal


Depending on offer, also have:

2015 North American Championship Maneuver Templates (white with black lettering)

Hoth Open Range Ruler

Hoth Open Acrylic Shields

Acrylic Blue Shield Tokens



AA Wedge

AA Lando

AA Black Squadron


AA Guri

Acrylic Conner Net

Acrylic Cluster Bomb (2 sets)

Acrylic Proximity Mine

Acrylic Proton Bomb

Acrylic Energy

Acrylic Epic Range Ruler

AA Veteran Instincts

2016 Regional dice (white) - 1 or 2 of each

Worlds dice

Edited by KickinAces

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Here's what I have for trade. AA cards are FFG english versions if not specified:


AA Worlds Inquisitor x2

AA Vader (disco)

AA Chewbacca

AA Biggs (movie still)

AA Ten Numb

AA Hera

AA Soontir Fel

AA Boba Fett (regionals)

AA Gold Squadron pilot x3

AA Bandit squadron pilot

AA Academy pilot

AA Black squadron pilot

AA Scimitar squadron pilot

AA Gunner

AA Push the limit


Extended Art. Omega Ace

Extended double size art Open Series cardbord x3

Extended double size art Open Series plastic

Extended Art Poe Dameron (either the regular one or the one with a different back from the mall of America)

Extended Art father's day Luke/Vader


AA Wedge in french

AA Luke (movie still) in french

AA Hera in french or spanish

AA Bossk in french

AA Bandit in french

AA Scimitar in fernch

AA black squadron in spanish

AA recon officer in french


Acrylic Weapon disabled tokens x6

Acrylic Storce Championship 2016 range ruler

Acrylic light green focus x10

Acylic light green evades x5

Acrylic dark green evades x5

Acrylic red on black ions x4

Acrylic black on red stress x3

Acrylic extra munition x5

Acrylic seismic charge x2

Acrylic proton bomb


Regional 2016 and summer 2016 coins

R2D2, TIE fighter and Slave 1 medals

Millenium falcon and TIE fighter dice bags

Imperial Aces and TIE Bomber boxes


Armada Tarkin and Rieekan from Worlds

Imperial Assault Vader and Leia from Worlds + a french AA TR-TT

Destiny promo Rey


Looking for:


Acrylic Epic maneuver template

Acrylic Energy tokens


Worlds 2016 Binder from Imperial Assault or Armada


AA Lando

AA Boba Fett (movie still)

AA Vader (movie still)


I'm located in France and will (and already have) trade worldwide.

Edited by Francesco Lamas

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-Alt Art Inquisitor

-Alt Art Soontir Fel



-Light Green Focus Tokens



-Push the Limit



-Alt Art Coran

-Alt Art Predator x8

-Summer Kit Tie Fighter Coin


Located in United States

Will trade of buy!

Edited by UGottaLuvKylo

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AA Wedge Antilles (Game Night Two 2013)

AA Blue Squadron Novice and Epsilon Squadron Pilot Double Sided Plastic (System Open 2016)

AA Omega Ace (Gencon 2016)

AA Han Solo (Worlds 2015)

AA Bossk (National 2016)

AA Mauler Mithel (Game Night Three 2013)

AA Colonel Jedon (2014 Season One)

AA Boba Fett (Regional 2015)

AA Chewbacca (National 2014)

AA Luke Skywalker (National 2015)

AA Han Solo/Boba Fett Oversized (Game Night One 2013)

AA Han Solo (Winter 2014)

AA Hera (Regional 2016)

AA Dash (Summer 2015)

AA Darth Vader (Winter 2015)

AA Soontir Fel (Store Championship 2015)

AA Tycho Celchu (Spring 2015)

AA Bandit (Imdaar Alpha)

AA Blue Squadron Novice and Epsilon Squadron Pilot Double Sided Paper (System Open 2016)

AA Poe Dameron

AA Gold Squadron (Game Night Three 2013)

AA Scimitar squadron (Winter 2014)

AA Dagger Squadron (2014 Season One)

AA Veteran Instinct (Spring 2015)

AA C3PO (Store Championship 2016)

AA Gunner (Winter 2015)

AA Push the limit (Spring 2015)

AA Predator (Summer 2016)

AA Recon Specialist (Summer 2015)

Spring 2015 Medal

Acrylic Cloak Token

Acrylic Extra Munitions Token

Acrylic Ion Tokens (Spring 2016)

Store Championship Acrylic Ruler 2016

Store Championship Challenge Coin 2016

Regional Challenge Coin 2016

Lone Wolf

Rebel Captive

Darth Vader (crew)



Slave 1

ST 321

Armada AA Tie Fighter Squadron

Armada AA X-Wing Squadron

Armada AA MC 80

Armada AA Gladiator II

Armdaa AA Raider I

Armada AA Assault Frigate Mark II A

Armada AA Victory II SD

Armada AA Nebulon B

Armada AA Vader

Armada SD Dice Bag

Armada Rebel Dice Bag

Armada Squadron Tokens

Armada Winter 2015 Medal

Armada Store Championship 2016 coin

Armada Store Championship 2016 plaque

Armada National Championship 2016 coin

Armada Summer 2016 coin

Acrylic Weapon Disabled
Acrylic Shield Tokens (Regionals 2015)
Acrylic Proton Bomb
Acrylic Proximity Mine

Armada Region 2016 dice


Located in Sweden


Edited by asperon

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