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Baron Soontir Fel

The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

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Conner Net Token

Anything in the Nationals/GenCon kit (X-wing)

AA Victory II-class Star Destroyer (Armada)

AA Gladiator II (Armada)

AA Darth Vader (Armada)

Objective Tokens (Armada)

Anything in the Nationals/Gencon kit (Armada)





3x Call of Cthulhu Card Game Tokens (Worlds 2015)

2x King's Landing, A Game of Thrones Card Game (Worlds 2015)



AA TIE Fighter Squadron

AA Admiral Ackbar

AA Mon Mothma

AA Grand Moff Tarkin

AA Raider I-class Corvettes

AA Imperial II-class Star Destroyer (Massing at Sullust)

AA Nebulon-B Escort Frigate

Rebel Dice Bag

Imperial Dice Bag

Initiative Token

Border Tokens

Navigate Tokens

Concentrate Fire Tokens

Range Rulers (2016 Store Championships)

Clear Dice (2016 Regionals)



2015 Store Championships Rulers (Blue)

2015 Spring Kit Rulers (Red)

Cloak Tokens

Munitions Tokens

Seismic Charges

Shield Tokens (Regionals 2015)

Evade Tokens (Light Green)

Focus Tokens (Light Green)

AA Gold Squadron Pilot


AA Gunner

AA Recon Specialist

AA Push the Limit

AA Hera Syndula

AA Bandit Squadron Pilot (Imdaar Alpha)

AA Han Solo (Movie)

AA Han Solo (Illustrated)

AA Ten Numb

AA Boba Fett (Scum, Illustrated)

AA Academy Pilot

AA Tycho Celchu

AA Dagger Squadron Pilot

AA Luke Skywalker (Movie)

Luke Skywalker (Illustrated)

AA Soontir Fel

Scimitar Squadron Pilots

Dice Bag (Black, Large, Silky, X-wing)

Dice Bag (Black, Small, Silky, TIE Fighter)

Deck Boxes (Winter 2014, Millenium Falcon)

1x Cluster Mines (Bad)


I have alternate dice with which I might part for a suitable trade.


Send me a PM.

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My haves are extremely limited. All I have is a pair of Defender expansions and Imp Vets. I'm using all the Defenders, so that leaves the bombers and some random upgrades. 


My want list is simple. A single small red base so Ryad can stand out even more.


It sounds dumb and I have almost nothing of value, but let me know either way.

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Hi, I have ace status on previous trades.

I'm UK based but happy to trade internationally, having done so successfully previously.

Looking for a few specific things now;-

Looking for;-

FFG Acrylic Target Locks 1-5 (red/green) - trade pending

Alt Art Vader (worlds 2014)

Alt Art Lando

Armada 2016 regional dice (set of 9)

FFG acrylic proximity mine - trade pending

Have for trade;-

Set of 6 FFG 2015 Marbelled Regional Dice (3 of each attack/defence)

2 pairs of FFG 2016 White Regional Dice (1 each of attack/defence)

Set of 6 FFG 2016 White Regional dice (3 of each attack/defence)

Alt Art Hera regionals 2016

Acrylic Cluster Mines regional 2016

Open series - range 1 and 2 measures

Open series - Alt Art BB8

Open Series - Plastic T70/Tie FO alt art

Open Series - card T70/Tie FO alt art

FFG acrylic Ion tokens - packs of 3

FFG acrylic munitions tokens - packs of 5

FFG acrylic Focus (dark green) - pack of 5

FFG acrylic Evade (light green) - pack of 5

Alt art C3PO

Alt art Rec Spec

Alt Art VI

Alt Art gunner

Alt art Soontir Fel

Alt art dagger squ

Alt art scimitar squ.

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Last updated August 26, 2016
1x Spring 2016 challenge coin <---------- Will trade for another kit coin or medal
1x Winter 2014 Medal              <---------- Will trade for another kit coin or medal
2x IG88-C AA card (Spring 2016)
4x AA VI (Spring 2016)
1x AA Recon Specialist (Summer 2015)
10x Ion Tokens (Spring 2016)
1x Winter 2015 Kit Poster (Imperial ace interceptor)
AA Vader (Worlds 2014)
AA Lando (Nationals 2013)
AA Wedge (Seasonal 2013)
2x AA Push The Limit
FFG Focus tokens
FFG Sheild tokens
Successfully completed trades 4, with WarriorPoet, asperon, bobdaninja Keoki

Located in Tokyo and happy to trade anywhere in the world.

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I’m in Minneapolis with many good reviews and I do trade overseas.



Alt Art Wedge

Alt Art Boba Fett (Imperial)

Alt Art Lando

Alt Art BB-8

Alt Art Bossk

Acrylic Proximity mine

Acrylic Conner net

Acrylic Proton Bomb

Acrylic Seismic charge

Any Paul Larue homemade Cards

Steel Open Marrk Steel Cards



2 System Open Alt Art T-70/Tie FO Plastic

Alt Art Hera

Alt Art Poe

Alt Art Han (Worlds)

Alt Art IG-88

Alt Art Gunner

Alt Art C-3PO

Alt Art Veterans Instinct

Alt Art Push The Limit

If there is anything else please ask

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