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Baron Soontir Fel

The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

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Ok :P


Any trading suggestions are welcome anyway, I have no idea what they would be "worth" trade-wise, as I haven't seen them on flea-bay as yet. <_<

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Acrylic Seismic Charge (Season One 2014)  x2 x1

Acrylic Extra Munitions (Winter 2015) x4

Acrylic Light Green Evade Token (Summer 2015) x5

Acrylic Cloak Token (Winter 2014) x4

Acrylic Red Ion Token (Spring 2016) x3

AA Poe Dameron x3

AA Ten Numb (Store 2014)

AA Disco Vader (Winter 2015)

AA Scimitar Squadron (Winter 2014) x5

AA Colonel Jendon (Season One 2014) 

AA C3PO Crew (Store 2016)

AA Gunner (Winter 2015) x2

AA Recon Specialist (Summer 2015)



A-Wings - Ship + Dial

Howlrunner - Pilot Card + Base Card

AA Wedge

AA Biggs

AA Boba Fett (Both Imp and Scum)

AA Tycho

AA Chewie

AA Push the Limit

Acrylic Focus or Stress

Card Boxes (B-Wing, X-Wing)

Guidance Chips


Located in the USA. Thank you.

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Updated recently:

In Canada, prefer keeping my trading within the country but feel free to send offers.





AA Soontir Fel x3

AA Poe Dameron x1

AA Dash Rendar x1

AA Biggs Darklighter x1

AA Ten Numb x1

AA Darth Vader (Winter 2015) x1

AA Academy Pilot x2

AA Scimitar Squadron Pilot x2

AA Bandit Squadron Pilot x1


AA C-3PO x1

AA Gunner x2

AA Push the Limit x2

AA Veteran Instincts x2


Acrylic Focus tokens (light green) x19

Acrylic Evade tokens (light green) x5

Acrylic Ion tokens (orange) x3

Acrylic Cloak tokens (blue) x3

Acrylic Extra Munitions tokens (black/gold) x5

Acrylic Seismic Charge token (black) x1

Acrylic Proton Bomb token (blue) x1


Summer 2014 Medal (X-wing) x1

Winter 2015 Medal (Firespray) x1

2016 Store Championship coin (Rebel/Imperial) x1


Felt Dice Bag (Millenium Falcon) x1


Imperial Assault:

Acrylic Terminals tokens x5

Translucent Black die x1

Translucent Blue die x1

Translucent Green die x1

Translucent White die x1



AA Emperor's Royal Guard


Also have a bunch of regular X-wing upgrades available, listed here:






Imperial Assault:

Focus tokens x2-3

Damage tokens

Crate tokens x2

Stun tokens x3



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Updates Wants list:

Autothrusters x4

Mara Jade


IG-2000 (expansion)

M3-A Interceptor (expansion)

Stealth Device

Royal Guard Tie

If anyone has these for trade, let me know via PM.

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13 June 2016 - 03:22 PM

Hey all

I thought I'd post this here too. I am a reputable trader on Dakka. Same user name.


40k Orks

3 Deffkoptas AOBR plastic assembled primed black

1 metal Snikrot primed black based

Battlewagon turret plastic unprimed

Pm for pics


X-WING Miniatures Game

Xwing Upgrade cards:

Stealth device x1

Lone Wolf

R2-D2 crew card

C-3PO crew card

Han Solo crew card

Lando crew card

Recon specialist

Experimental Interface

Twin Laser Turret x2

Autoblaster Turret x2

Predator x1

Crack shot x2

Extra Munitions x2

Large ships:

Yt-2400 (compete)

Lambda Shuttle (just ship tiles and pilot)

Ghost (complete)

Slave 1 ( imperial or Scum) complete

small ships:

TIE Phantom w/ Whisper and Echo and cloak title x2

Tie bombers x3 complete or incomplete

Tie Punisher x2 complete or incomplete

Imperial Veterans (not yet released)

Y-wings w/ twin laser turrets, and or Autoblaster Turrets x2

Alt art promos except Fel and Poe

Alt dice promo or otherwise

Thanks for viewing


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AA cards:

- pilots:


scimitar squadron(4)

gold squadron(2)

black squadron(2)

dagger squadron(3)

Colonel Jendon


Mauler Mithel

Tycho Celchu

Boba Fett(scum)

Ten Numb

Luke(film and art)

Han(film and worlds 2015 art)

- upgrades:





- token:


extra munitions

cluster mines

focus(dark and light green)

evade(dark and light green)

- rulers:

store range ruler(2014 and 2016)

- dice: clear dice(regional 2014)

- other worlds 2015 games cards(armada, got, netrunner...)


AA raider

AA corvette

regional 2016 dice

Conner net acrylic token

AA Bossk

Open series plastic doublesided card

Located in France but will (and had already successfully) trade worlwide

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Looking for:


Comm Relay

AA BB8 promo




Double Sided Luke/Vader extended art promo

Oversize double sided Han/Fett

AA Fel

AA generics (Y, B, TIE, Bomber)

AA Hera

AA upgrades (3-PO, Recon, PTL, VI, Gunner)



Cloak Tokens

Ion Tokens (new red)

Focus/Evade (light green)


Extra regular upgrade cards.


U.S. based.



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Updated Wants List:

Auto Thrusters x4

Stealth Device

Royal Guard Tie

Please inbox me if you have any of these and want to trade.

Updated! Additional wants listed below:

M3-A Interceptor (complete)

Long Range Scanners

Emperor Palpatine

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Hey, just thought I'd throw it out there again but I got 40k stuff to trade if anyone is interested.  One large lot of Space Marines and a 6th Ed codex.  Things like Tacticals, ASMs, Devs, one of those Sky Potato Flyers, a Dreadnought, some custom character dudes... you know, big ol' pile of Space Marines!  They're green, they're ready to play with, and some of em are pretty darn cool too.  They aren't award winning but if you plunk em down on a table no one is gonna laugh at your army. 


I don't know what I would want for 'em.  I need an Epic ship of some description...

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