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Baron Soontir Fel

The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

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Looking for for 3x feed back arrays and some dead man switch's upgrade cards


i have spring 2015 range ruler, 2015 store championship dice bag and tournament dice bag, alt art push the limit card also tie phantom & tie interceptor (just the models no pegs or bases), i believe i have dagger squadron upgrade card 


i have a few other things, message me if your interested in trading 

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I have for trade:


Clear Dial Protectors - these are used on your ship dials to prevent them from wearing out and the numbers rubbing off from use.  I have a nice .pdf I can send as well showing how they work and how to seal and protect your dials to help prolong their life.


Clear Token Protectors - clear adhesive vinyl to cover your tokens or any of your cardboard pieces to protect them from use and prolong their life.


I'm willing to trade multiples of these, of course, for anything listed below.


I'm looking for:


Chewbacca Alt Art

Mauler Mithel Alt Art

Biggs Darklighter Alt Art

Wedge Antilles Alt Art

Luke Skywalker Alt Art

Darth Vader Alt Art

Lando Calrissian Alt Art

Tycho Celchu Alt Art

Ten Numb Alt Art

Boba Fett Alt Art

Gold Squadron Alt Art x3

Dagger Squadron Alt Art x3

Bandit Squadron Alt Art x3


FFG Stress Tokens

FFG Shield Tokens

FFG Evade Tokens

FFG Focus Tokens

FFG Ion Tokens

FFG Target Lock Tokens

FFG Proximity Mine Tokens

FFG Acrylic Range Rulers

FFG Acrylic Movement Templates


PM if you have any questions or would like to trade!

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My updated Trades List Wants:


FFG's Acrylic Red and Blue Target Locks 6-10 #nationals 2014#

Alternate Art Darth Vader Pilot Card #Worlds 2014#

Alternate Art Guri Pilot Card #Scum Faction from a Con this year#

FFG's Acrylic crit tokens

Alternate Art Worlds Promo 2015 willing to arrange a trade ready for the worlds

Imperial Assault Promos

Regionals promo card(AT-ST?)2015

Acrylic Tokens for regionals 2015

Acrylic activation tokens for nationals 2015

Alternate art worlds 2015 promo willing to arrange a trade ready for the worlds

promo's armada

Alternate Art Victory II class Star Destroyer

Alternate art worlds 2015 promo willing to arrange a trade ready for the worlds

what I have to trade: FFG's Acrylic Stress Tokens X15#

FFG's Acrylic Cloak Tokens X4

FFG's Acrylic Shield Tokens #Game night Kit)X4

FFG's Acrylic Ion Tokens x2

FFG's Acrylic Seismic Charge Tokens x2

FFG's Acrylic Evade Tokens #Regional 2014# X7

FFG's Acrylic Focus Tokens #store championships 2015# X29

FFG's X-wing Bag,X-wing on the front.#store champion ship 2015# X2

FFG's Green Acrylic Range Ruler #store championship 2014# X1

AA Luke Skywalker X1

AA Mauler Mithel X1

AA Ten Numb X1

AA Soontir Fel x6

AA Biggs Darklighter X1

AA Bandit Squadron X2

AA Dagger Squadron X3

AA Black Squadron X2

AA Gold Squadron x4

AA Academy Pilot x4

Summer 2014 winners medal X1

I also have more Acrylic tokens that I'm using and AA cards but I would swap some of them for an AA Darth Vader# or 2015 worlds promos

I Don't Have Target Locks 1-5,2013 Focus tokens,AA Lando or Boba Fett(imperial).)

I do trade to most the world and I'm based in the UK .

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Reporting awesome trade with TheycamefromBEHIND!


Now that I have some of the new regionals dice from my top-8 Wisconsin finish, I've paid the Iron Price and am ready to trade for more.  


Thus: I have a set of the transparent 2014 regional dice that I'd like to trade for a set of the 2015 regional dice!

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  AA Scimitar Squadron

  AA Push the Limit

  AA Soontir Fel

  AA Scum Boba Fett

  Acrylic Cloak Tokens

  TIE Fighter dice bag



  AA Chewie

  AA Luke

  AA Jedon

  AA Bigs

  AA Han

  AA Imperial Boba

  AA Mauler

  AA Lando

  AA Wedge

  AA Black Squadron





Updated again

Edited by asperon

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Time to look for another trade!

(I am a confirmed trader ace after six succesful trades, both with the US and the EU)


Alternate art Darth Vader pilot card (Worlds 2014)

Red and blue acrylic Target Locks (Nationals 2014)

Old green and red acrylic Target Locks (#1 and #3 )

Have for trade:

FFG's Acrylic Shields Top 16 Regionals 2015

C-3PO crew from the Tantive expansion

FFG's Acrylic Stress tokens

FFG's Acrylic Cloak tokens

FFG's Acrylic Shield tokens (the older blue ones)

FFG's Acrylic Seismic Charge

FFG's Acrylic Evade tokens (Regionals 2014)

FFG's Acrylic Focus tokens (Store Championship 2015)

FFG's Green Acrylic Range Ruler (Store Championship 2014)

FFG's Red Acrylic Range Ruler (Spring Kit 2015)

Oversized Hans Solo/Boba Fett Pilot Card

Alternate art Push the Limit

Alternate art Tycho Celchu

Alternate art Mauler Mithel

Alternate art Colonel Jendon

Alternate art Ten Numb

Alternate art Soontir Fell

Alternate art Bandit Squadron Pilots

Alternate art Dagger Squadron Pilots

Alternate art Black Squadron Pilots

Alternate art Gold Squadron Pilots

Alternate art Scimitar Squadron Pilots

Alternate art Academy Pilots

2015 Store Championship Bag

Also for trade, for the Star Wars LCG:

Acrylic Focus tokens

Acrylic Damage tokens

Edited by Veldrin

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Updated list.

*AA Lando
*AA Guri

*AA Gold Squadron Pilot

*AA Black Squadron Pilot

*AA Dagger Squadron Pilot
*FFG Acrylic Target Locks Tokens
*FFG Acrylic Proton Bomb Tokens

*FFG Acrylic Proximity Mine Tokens
For Trade:


*Regular Dice (in case someone wants some instead of buying a dice pack or another starter)

*AA Ten Numb
*AA Luke Skywalker
*AA Academy Pilot
*AA Scimitar
*AA Han Solo
*AA Soontir Fel
*AA Tycho Celchu

*AA Boba Fett (Scum)
*AA Push the Limit
*FFG Acrylic Cloak Tokens
*FFG Acrylic Focus Tokens (2015 (Light Green))
*FFG Acrylic Range Ruler (2015 Spring Kit (Red))
*Card Box (Winter Kit 2014 (Millenium Falcon))
*Dice Bag (Store Championship 2015 (Larger with an X-wing))
*Dice Bag (Spring Kit 2015 (Smaller with a TIE Fighter))


PM for trade.

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Hey guys, I appear to have lost a pair of TIE Fighter Dials and I'd prefer to not buy another core or pair of TIEs, so here I am.


Looking for 2 TIE Fighter Dials.


I've got a full TIE Phantom pack (Opened but not punched out of the cardboard, I needed the Whisper card for a regional and it was at home) and a bunch of extra Z-95 Headhunter models/ bases I'd be willing to trade for. PM me if you're interested.

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Hadn't seen this!

UK trader.


FFG LotR living card game base set

Rare Lego heroica waldurk forest

Want imperial stuff and imperial acrylic measuring set...

Also - for free...

Any UK new players want a free xwing - base set + pilot cards and rebel exclusive cards...

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I'm looking for a full set of Imperial Aces!
A Few Tie Bomber Expansions!
The new Scum and Imperial packs in the next wave!

I have an entire Sisters of Battle Army to trade!
here's a link to what I have!
I want around 500 in total trade and I would be willing to make a deal in trade and cash!

PM me if interested! 
NOTE: I also have a ton of GW stuff I'd be willing to part with for Xwing stuff but you would have to know what you want and I would have to find it in my piles of bitz! I also have a similarly large collection of heroclix! I have stuff from IIM-Hypertime carded! KtHNX

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Looking to trade 
1 Imperial Aces Set 

factory Sealed!
I want to trade it for 2 E-Wing packs! (Don't have to be in boxes just complete!)

1 X-wing starter

would like to trade for:
Parts or complete rebel transports! 


Please PM if interested!

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