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Baron Soontir Fel

The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

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Posted (edited)

Reporting a successful trade with @Jeff Wilder!

It’s also long past time to fire my revised trade list out the airlock!!



Hotshots Rebel pilot card & base for Gina Moonsong (B-Wing)

Hotshots Rebel pilot card & base for K2-SO (U-Wing)

Scum Fang Fighter: Base for Zealous Recruit / Skull Squadron Pilot + card for Zealous Recruit + really cool wooden dial cover (yes, somehow I ended up without a Skull card or a full dial here -- sorry!)

Rebel conversion kit FULL contents for the Sheathipede, fresh from the box to you.

1-Ship Generic Conversions (dial, base, cards for both generics): 

  • 1x Empire TIE/sk Striker
  • 1x Empire TIE/ph Phantom
  • 1x Rebel BTL-A4 Y-Wing

Rebel RZ-1 A-Wing: Jake Farrell card + Jake / Phoenix base 

Official alt arts: Agile Gunner, Deadman’s Switch, Engine Upgrade, Jakku Gunrunner, Munitions Failsafe, Spare Parts Canisters, Stalgasin Hive Guard

Informant upgrade + Listening Device condition & token

3x Electro-Proton Bombs + bomb tokens + fuse markers

Extra Vulture Droid unique base tokens/cards:

  • 2x DFS-311 / Trade Federation Drone bases & DFS-311 card
  • 1x Haor Chall Prototype / Trade Federation Drone base & Haor Chall Prototype card
  • 1x Precise Hunter / Separatist Drone base & Precise Hunter card

Extra Unique Pilot Cards:

  • Rebel: Ten Numb, all TIE/ln pilots (Captain Rex, Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, “Zeb” Orrelios)
  • First Order: Backdraft
  • Separatists: DBS-32C, DBS-404, O-66
  • Resistance: Greer Sonnel, L’ulo L’ampar, Tallissan Lintra, Zari Bangel
  • Republic: Jag, Odd Ball (ARC), Sinker, Wolffe

Extra Unique Upgrades:

  • BB-8
  • 3x Chancellor Palpatine
    * Clone Commander Cody
  • Count Dooku
  • 3x Diamond-Boron Missiles
  • General Grievous 
  • K2-B4
  • M9-G8
  • Moldy Crow title
  • R2-A6
  • R2-C4
  • R2-HA
    * R4-P44
  • R5-X3
  • Scimitar title
  • 4x Squad Leader
  • TA-175

Extra Dials:

  • Rebel: 1x Attack Shuttle, 2x ARC-170, 1x Auzituck Gunship, 1x HWK-290, 2x Z-95-AF4 Headhunter, 2x UT-60D U-Wing, 1x YT-2400
  • Resistance: 2x MG-100 StarFortress
  • Scum: 1x HWK-290, 1x BTL-A4 Y-Wing, 1x JumpMaster 5000, 1x Lancer-Class Pursuit Craft, 2x Quadrijet Transfer Spacetug, 1x YV-666 Light Freighter, 1x Scurrg H-6 Bomber, 1x Firespray-Class Patrol Craft
  • Empire: 1x Lambda-Class T-4A Shuttle, 2x TIE/ag Aggressor, 4x TIE/ln Fighter, 1x VT-49 Decimator, 1x TIE/ca Punisher
  • FO: 1x TIE/sf Fighter, 1x Upsilon-Class Shuttle

Convenient 5-packs of almost any generic non-faction-specific upgrade card in the game. Want to run a swarm with 5x Cluster Missiles + 5x Munitions Failsafes + 5x Crackshots? I got ya covered. All this and more.



T-65 base for Leevan Tenza (got the card)

Official alt arts:

  • Servomotor S-Foils
  • Scum Titles: Any except for Slave One

Unofficial alt arts: (Make me an offer! There’s beautiful stuff out there, and it’s neat to see what people come up with.)

TIE/sk Striker model (any condition)

Bases + pilot cards for the TIE/sk Striker uniques (other than Vagabond—got him)

Bases + pilot cards for the Scum BTL-A4 Y-Wing uniques (Kavil, Drea) — generic cards would be great too if available 

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Updated and current as of July 26th

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Posted (edited)

A successful trade with @Zero8855!



  • Gas Clouds (Squadron Pack set)
  • Rigged Cargo Chute and tokens
  • Electro-Proton Bombs and tokens
  • Proton Bomb, Seismic Charge, and Bomblet tokens
  • Iden Versio, Valen Rudor, and Night Beast cards + tokens from the core set
    • I need the base tokens to fly the generics, so I can only trade these for the double-generic tokens from the conversion or equivalent.
  • Afterburners, Lone Wolf, and various munitions
  • Plasma Torpedoes, Diamond-Boron Missiles, Passive Sensors
  • TA-175
  • Republic droids: R2-C4, R4-P17, R4-P44, R2-A6
    • Useful if you play Republic and didn't feel like getting the N-1.
  • Republic unique Jedi cards and tokens (Anakin Skywalker, Luminara Unduli, Barriss Offee, Ahsoka Tano)
    • Useful if you have Guardians of the Republic and didn't feel like getting the Delta-7 standalone pack.
  • Firespray Dial + Unique pilots/tokens
  • Kylo Ren (Store Champs 2020 - dial, base, card)
  • Omega Squadron Expert (Store Champs 2020 - dial, base, card)
  • Lieutenant LeHuse (Store Champs 2020 - dial, base, card)
  • Lego ships?

Looking for:

  • A-wing (model, dial + generic token(s))
  • B-wing (model only)
  • X-wing model (flappy wing version preferred, Saw's Renegades preferred)
  • Rebel Z-95s (models only)
  • Proximity Mines (card and tokens)
  • Autoblasters
  • Leia Organa (Falcon pilot)
  • K-2SO (crew)
  • Targeting Computer

Located in California.

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Posted (edited)

Hey! I decided that it's finally time to convert my limited Scum collection and get Boba back on the table.

I have extra dials and generic pilots/cardboard for the following ships:


1 Auzituck

1 Attack Shuttle

1 Uwing

1 Kwing

1 Arc-170


1 YT-2400

1 Z95

1 A wing

1 Sheathipede



First Order:

2 Silencers

3 Upsilons (dials only)

4 TIE/sf



1 YT-1300

2 Starfortresses



2 Gunboats

2 TIE/v1

1 Interceptor

2 Aggressors

1 Phantom

1 Bomber

2 Strikers

1 Lambda

1 VT-49 Decimator



G4R-G0R and Nom Lumb cardboard



Most faction nonspecific upgrades

Juke 1.0/2.0 extended art

Moldy Crow title



Scum conversion materials:

Dials, cardboard, pilot cards/titles

2 Starvipers

2 Kihraxz Fighters

1 Firespray


Cardboard/pilot cards only

1 HWK-290

3 Z95 Headhunters (excluding Bossk)

2 Y wings


Any Scum gunners/crew/astromechs (I already have BT-1, 0-0-0, and Maul)


Rigged Cargo Token

Gas Clouds 4/5/6

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