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Baron Soontir Fel

The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

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36 minutes ago, LagJanson said:

I would hand one to ya if we ever met. I have too many of those things. You should be able to find something local though

That’s how I got my fourth red! Now I’m trying to balance out. 😊 Thank you — you sound as kind as my local players (who totally rule).

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Looking to get out of X-Wing the gaming group I play with meet on nights that aren't good for me. I'm looking to swap them for something I can get around playing Age of Sigmar. Looking for pretty much any army besides: Seraphon, Nighthaunt, and Khorne. Will listen to all offers.


not splitting 

What I have is:

• 1 Imperial 2.0 Conversion Kit + Imperial Core set items

• 12 TIE Fighters

• 2 TIE Strikers

• 1 Decimator

• 3 Alpha Class Starfighters (1 NIB Spainish? Doesn't matter conversion kit is English)

• 3 TIE Bombers

• 6 TIE Interceptors

• 1 Lambda Shuttle

• 1 TIE Reaper

• 2 TIE Advnaced

• 1 TIE Adv. Prototype

• 1 TIE Aggressor

• 2 TIE Defenders

• 1 TIE Punisher

• 1 TIE Phantom

Will sell for $325 shipped

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Thinking about throwing together a small squadron of Resistance X-Wings.

Looking for that extra T-70 from the TFA Core Set that you aren’t using.

Trading two TIE/fo ships (also from that TFA Core Set) for it.

I don’t need cardboard or dials, as I plan to grab a conversion kit. Likewise, I don’t have 1.0 or 2.0 cardboard for the TIEs.

(Also still looking for 1 green die and 1 copy of Instinctive Aim.)

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So, an online shop that I have a bunch of credit to has been OOS on core sets for 2 weeks now. They have all the ships I need, dice, and move tool kit, however, I won’t have a damage deck. I’d want a core set, anyway, but tbh I can’t afford one anytime soon. 

I was thinking, maybe I could order something from said store in exchange for a damage deck? I’m not sure what a fair trade price would be for a standard deck, but if anyone had the T-65 promo version, I’m sure there’s something of comparable value available. 


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78D8BA3F-BE96-480C-8C2F-49530D407021.jpeg.3ec7c70e3645f48b431d0228580c17b4.jpegI’m just putting this out there to see if anyone would be interested. The ARC trooper LAAT from the first Clone Wars miniseries on Cartoon Network. Full sized - for the Four inch figures.

I’m looking to finish my conversion kit needs (which is a lot). Looking for the miniatures only. 

3 Star Wings

3 Inquisitors ties

2 Lambdas

3 Tie Aggressors

1 Tie Bomber

2 Tie Phantoms

1 Punisher

3 Strikers

2 Decimators

1 Imperial Vets

1 Imperial Raider

I have plenty of asks so hopefully we can make something work out. Additionally I could go for Armada things as well.


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I can look into post costs from the U.S. to anywhere.

Also if any X-Wing vets want to give me sage advice on superfluous ships (like, who needs two lambdas, or other such things) I’d gladly take that into account.

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Bump because Worlds stuff!

Official pilots:

Epsilon Squadron Cadet
Cartel Spacer
Jakku Gunrunner
Jessika Pava
Darth Vader (GenCon 2018)
Grand Inquisitor
Scimitar Squadron Pilot
Black Squadron Ace
R2-D2 (plastic)
Blue Squadron Rookie
Saw Gerrera
Blue Squadron Scout
Gray Squadron Bomber
Luke Skywalker (GenCon 2018)
Luke Skywalker (Launch event)
Biggs Darklighter (SOS 2019)
Blue Squadron Escort
Blue Squadron Pilot
Lando Calrissian (plastic)

Official quickbuilds:

Thane Kyrell
Blackout (visible crease on back)
Iden Versio
Foreman Proach
Skull Squadron Pilot
Gold Squadron Veteran

Official upgrades:

Engine Upgrade
Shield Upgrade
Hull Upgrade (plastic)
Proton Torpedoes
IG-2000 title (SOS 2018)
Hound's Tooth title (SOS 2018)
Punishing One (SOS 2018)
Mist Hunter (SOS 2018)

Unofficial pilots:
Dutch Vander (GSP)
Darth Maul (GSP)
Darth Maul (District Foundry)
Trade Federation Drone (GSP)
Kylo Ren (GSP)
Quickdraw (GSP)
Guri (Mynocks)
IG-88B (GSP)
IG-88C (GSP)
Maarek Stele (Hangar 19)
Norra Wexley (GSP)
Gold Squadron Veteran (Paul LaRue)
Fenn Rau (GSP - Rebel)
Lowhhrick (GSP)
Arvel Crynyd (Hangar 19)
Jake Farrell (Thule Squadron)


Pretty much any official Resistance or Republic stuff.

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18 minutes ago, Amc879 said:

I think I do. I'm new to this trade thread. How does it work?

Best thing to do is post a list of what you have available and a list of what you're looking for. I find the general "ask me for" or "make me an offer" tends to be less successful.


Updated my own list.



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Things I have: 

Rebel conversion kit and all cards included.

Alt Art:

Deathrain, Howlrunner, Scourge, Boba (HST 2019)

Scorch, Epsilon Cadet

Heroic plastic card with Epsilon Cadet on back. 


Things I want 

Rebel alt art 

The luke pilot and cardboard from core set

Black dice are always cool. 



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  • Spares of core set cards and cardboard (Luke, Jek, upgrades, etc)
  • A lot of Proton Torpedoes
  • Chancellor Palpatine / Darth Sidious
  • Tie Fighters

Looking For

  • Tactical Scrambler
  • Rebel / Generic crew
  • Tractor Beam
  • A-Wing


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Well the postal service finally came through and I finished a successful trade with Jeff Wilder!
Might do business again (providing it isn't fire season here in Southern California 😉).

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