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Baron Soontir Fel

The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

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I’ll admit I’m trying to rebuild my trade list. Not much I want right now and I need to recheck what I have for spare dials and cardboard chits.


  • Hyperspace Trial range rulers
  • Hyperspace Trial dice set (4 of each)
  • Jess Pava alt art
  • Inquisitor alt art
  • Hull Upgrade acrylic alt art
  • SOS Rebel Damage deck
  • T65 Damage deck
  • Luke Skywalker alt-art (GenCon 2018?)
  • extra dials and stuff... mostly scum and Imperial. Most popular available...
  1. TIE Bombers
  2. TIE Adv V1
  3. TIE Striker


  • Ywing dial (Rebel or Scum)
  • Rebel pilot dials (Worlds 2019)
  • Garven Dreis alt-art card (Worlds 2019)


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Updated - 2019-10-25

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2.0 Conversions:


  • M12-L Kimogila Fighter (x1)
  • Quadjumper (x3)
  • YV-666 (x1)
  • M3-A Interceptor (x1)
  • HWK-290 (x1)
  • Scurrg (x1)
  • Kihraxz Fighter (x1)
  • G-1A Starfighter (x1)
  • Firespray (x1)
  • Z-95 (x1)


  • Decimator (x2)
  • TIE Striker (x1)
  • TIE Bomber (x1)
  • Alpha Class Starwing (x2)
  • TIE Adv V1 (x2)
  • TIE Punisher (x1)
  • TIE Aggressor (x2)
  • Lambda (x2)
  • First Order:
  • Upsilon (x2)
  • TIE/FO (x2)
  • TIE Silencer (x2)
  • TIE/SF (x3)


  • Pre-Order Damage Deck (T-65 Deck)

First Edition Alt Art:

  • Kylo Ren - pilot
  • Ello Asty
  • IG-88 C
  • Soontir Fel
  • Quickdraw
  • Shadowport Hunter (x2)
  • Poe Dameron – PS 8
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Scimitar Squad Bomber


2.0 Conversions:

  • Defender (x1)
  • TIE Interceptor (x3)

Will also trade for models of any of the listed ships in the “have” section.


  • Any special dice
  • Any acrylic focus/evade/TL tokens
  • Second edition acrylic movement templates
  • Any Empire/Scum/FO Alt Art
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Anybody out there buy a bunch of SoS packs for the cheap Vultures and feel that they might have too many Belbullabs?  I'd love to take one (or two?) of those lovely little hotrods off your hands - ship, cardboard, pilot cards, Impervium, dials, etc.  Trade or other funds?

I have:

- full conversion materials for 2x Kimogila (including plastic and pegs if you need them)

 - 2x repainted RZ-1 A-Wing (model only)

 - 1 each dials for Fang Fighter, Quadjumper, Headhunter (Scum and Rebel), HWK (Scum and Rebel), JM5K, Scurgg, Firespray, Scavenged YT, T-70, ARC-170, YT-2400, Sheathipede

And let's be straight.  Anybody wants the dials, I'll just send them.  They're just taking up space.  Although maybe not internationally on the freebies, ha ha.  I am located near Seattle, WA, USA, but will certainly entertain international trades.


edit: I do have an Evergreen Cup alt-art Ben Swolo crew card that I could be convinced to part with.  Given that I don't fly First Order.  And there's a double-sided spot-gloss Black Squadron Ace/R2-D2 astromech, and a double-sided spot-gloss Heroic/Epsilon Squadron Cadet that I don't absolutely need.  Those are about the only fancy bits I hold, though.

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Star Wars Legion starter box complete open and unused.

Star wars legion snow speeder, open complete and unused.

None are built, still in packaging.  Traded as one lot.



Complete Scum conversion kit



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On 5/6/2019 at 8:19 PM, Dcatracho17 said:

Have: Unopened Xwing Scum conversion kit

            Unopened Scum dial holders and X-Wing damage deck .


Want: Star Wars Legion core set


17 hours ago, megatrons2nd said:


Star Wars Legion starter box complete open and unused.

Star wars legion snow speeder, open complete and unused.

None are built, still in packaging.  Traded as one lot.



Complete Scum conversion kit



Hey guys... I think you need to talk. 😛


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Location - San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.  Willing to ship internationally for a good trade.

Wants -My only specific Wants are for 2E components, so feel free to make an offer.  I'll decide if I want what you're offering, then research whether it seems like a fair trade (using recent eBay closed sales), and get back to you quickly (one way or the other).  Keep in mind that the highest level of play I do is typically Hyperspace Trials, so offers from higher-level tournaments have a good chance of being accepted.

Haves - If you're interested in something and would like to see a picture of it, shoot me a PM.


This is a lengthy list, with a lot of stuff I'm looking for, and an even longer list of stuff that I have available. Please take a look.


Ship Tokens
T-65 - Blue Squadron Escort
U-wing - Partisan Renegade
U-wing - Blue Squadron Scout
TIE Interceptor - Alpha Squadron Pilot
G-1A - Gand Findsman
M3-A - Tansarii Point Veteran x2

Y-wing - Crymorrah Goon
Y-wing - Hired Gun
Z-95 - Binayre Pirate
Z-95 - Black Sun Soldier
T-70 - Black Squadron Ace x2

Pilot Cards
T-65 - Red Squadron Veteran
U-wing - Partisan Renegade
U-wing - Blue Squadron Scout
Z-95 - Bandit Squadron Pilot
StarViper - Black Sun Assassin

Y-wing - Crymorrah Goon
Y-wing - Hired Gun
Z-95 -Binayre Pirate
T-70 - Black Squadron Ace x2
ARC-170 - 104th Battalion Pilot
ARC-170 - Squad Seven Veteran

Servomotor S-foils
Stabilized S-foils x2
Fanatical x3
Proud Tradition x2

FOR TRADE (Everything Below This Point)

Ship Tokens
RZ-1 A-wing - Green Squadron Pilot/Phoenix Squadron Pilot
Y-wing - Gray Squadron Bomber/Gold Squadron Veteran
Alpha-class StarWing - Nu Squadron Pilot/Lieutenant Karsabi
Alpha-class StarWing - Rho Squadron Pilot/Major Vynder
Lambda-class Shuttle - Captain Kagi/Colonel Jendon
TIE/v1 - Baron of the Empire/Inquisitor
TIE/v1 - Baron of the Empire/Grand inquisitor
TIE/v1 - Inquisitor/Seventh Sister
TIE/x1 - Ved Foslo/Ved Foslo
TIE/x1 - Tempest Squadron Pilot/Maarek Stele
TIE Aggressor - Sienar Special/Onyx Squadron Scout
TIE Aggressor - Sienar Special/Double Edge
TIE Aggressor - Lieutenant Kestal/Onyx Squadron Scout
TIE Bomber - Scimitar Squadron Pilot/Major Rhymer
TIE Bomber - Scimitar Squadron Pilot/Gamma Squadron Ace
TIE Bomber - Scimitar Squadron Pilot/Deathfire
TIE Bomber - Gamma Squadron Pilot/Tomax Bren
TIE Bomber - Gamma Squadron Pilot/Captain Jonus
TIE Defender - Delta Squadron Pilot/Onyx Squadron Ace
TIE Fighter - Black Squadron Ace/Iden Versio x2
TIE Punisher - Cutlass Squadron Pilot/Redline
TIE Punisher - Cutlass Squadron Pilot/Deathrain
TIE Striker - Planetary Sentinel/Pure Sabaac
TIE Striker - Planetary Sentinel/Countdown
TIE Striker - Planetary Sentinel/Black Squadron Scout
TIE Striker - Black Squadron Scout/Duchess
VT-49 - Patrol Leader/Rear Admiral Chiraneau
VT-49 - Patrol Leader/Captain OiCunn
TIE/sf - Zeta Squadron Survivor/Omega Squadron Expert
Silencer - S-JE/FO Test Pilot
Silencer - Avenger/Avenger
Silencer - Blackout/Recoil

Pilot Cards
B-wing - Braylen Stram
Alpha-class StarWing - Nu Squadron Pilot
Alpha-class StarWing - Lieutenant Karsabi
Alpha-class StarWing - Rho Squadron Pilot
Alpha-class StarWing - Major Vynder
Lambda-class Shuttle - Colonel Jendon
Lambda-class Shuttle - Lieutenant Sai
Lambda-class Shuttle - Captain Kagi
TIE/v1 - Baron of the Empire x2
TIE/v1 - Inquisitor x2
TIE/v1 - Seventh Sister
TIE/v1 - Grand Inquisitor
TIE Aggressor - Double Edge
TIE Aggressor - Sienar Specialist x2
TIE Aggressor - Onyx Squadron Specialist x2
TIE Bomber - Deathfire
TIE Bomber - Scimitar Squadron Pilot x3
TIE Bomber - Gamma Squadron Ace x3
TIE Bomber - Captain Jonus
TIE Bomber - Major Rhymer
TIE Bomber - Tomax Bren
TIE Defender - Onyx Squadron Ace
TIE Fighter - Black Squadron Ace x4
TIE Punisher - Cutlass Squadron Pilot x2
TIE Punisher - Redline
TIE Punisher - Deathrain
TIE Striker - Planetary Sentinel x2
TIE Striker - Black Squadron Scout x2
VT-49 - Patrol Leader x3
VT-49 - Rear Admiral Chiraneau
Lancer - Shadowport Hunter
Quadjumper - Jakku Gunrunner
StarFortress - Cobalt Squadron Bomber
TIE/sf - Zeta Squadron Survivor

Attack Shuttle
HWK-290 x2
Lambda-class Shuttle x3
TIE/v1 x2
TIE Aggressor x4
TIE Fighter
TIE Punisher
TIE Striker x2
VT-49 x3
Z-95 x4
Fang Fighter
Kihraxz x2
Upsilon-class Shuttle

B-wing (cannons broken off; looks fine)
TIE Fighter (Gray)

R2 Astromech x3
R3 Astromech x4
R4 Astromech x4
R5 Astromech x4
Heavy Laser Cannon x6
Ion Cannon x6
Jamming Beam x6
Tractor Beam x6
Listening Device x5
Optimized Prototype
OS-1 Arsenal Loadout x3
XG-1 Assault Configuration x3
Chancellor Palpatine / Darth Sidious
Freelance Slicer x4
GNK "Gonk" Droid x4
Grand Inquisitor
Grand Moff Tarkin
Informant x4
ISB Slicer x3
Jabba the Hutt
Novice Technician x4
Perceptive Copilot x4
Seasoned Navigator x4
Seventh Sister
Tactical Officer x4
Battle Meditation
Brilliant Evasion x2
Precognitive Reflexes x2
Predictive Shot x2
Supernatural Reflexes
Agile Gunner x3
Clone Commander Cody
Fifth Brother
Hotshot Gunner x4
Skilled Bombadier x6
Veteran Tail Gunner x2
Veteran Turret Gunner x2
Contraband Cybernetics x2
Deadman's Switch x5
Feedback Array x3
Inertial Dampeners x3
Rigged Cargo Chute x4
Barrage Rockets x2
Cluster Missiles x4
Concussion Missiles x5
Homing Missiles x6
Ion Missiles x4
Mag-Pulse Warheads x2
Proton Rockets x4
Ablative Plating x4
Advanced SLAM x4
Afterburners x2
Electronic Baffle x4
Engine Upgrade x4
Hull Upgrade x4
Munitions Failsafe x4
Shield Upgrade x4
Static Discharge Vanes x4
Stealth Device x4
Synchronized Console x4
Tactical Scrambler x3
Targeting Computer
Bomblet Generator x4
Conner Nets x2
Electro-Proton Bomb
Proton Bombs x4
Proximity Mines x4
Seismic Charges x4
Advanced Sensors x4
Collision Detector x4
Fire-Control System x6
Trajectory Simulator x4
Composure x4
Crack Shot x4
Daredevil x4
Debris Gambit x4
Dedicated x2
Elusive x4
Expert Handling x4
Heroic x3
Intimidation x4
Juke x4
Lone Wolf
Marksmanship x4
Outmaneuver x4
Predator x4
Ruthless x2
Saturation Salvo x4
Snap Shot x3
Squad Leader
Swarm Tactics x4
Trick Shot x4
Ferrosphere Paint x2
Pattern Analyzer x3
Primed Thrusters x3
Targeting Synchronizer x2
Adv. Proton Torpedoes x2
Ion Torpedoes x2
Plasma Torpedoes
Proton Torpedoes x3
Dorsal Turret x4
Ion Cannon Turret x4


FFG Official Alt Arts/Promos
Academy Pilot x2
Agile Gunner x4
Angled Deflectors x6
Baktoid Prototype x8
Blue Squadron Escort/Quickbuild
Boba Fett x2
Bounty Hunter / Gray Squadron Bomber x3
Bravo Flight Officer x11
Corran Horn
Diamond Boron Missiles x5
Director Krennic (1E/2E)
Foresight x5
Juke (1E/2E) x7
Logistics Division Pilot x10
Lothal Rebel x6
R2-D2 (scuffed)
Spare Parts Canisters x6
Stalgasin Hive Guard x6

Quickbuild Cards
Naboo N-1 #1
Naboo N-1 #2
V-19 Torrent #1
V-19 Torrent #2
V-19 Torrent #3
Delta-7 #1
Delta-7 #2
Arc-170 (Republic) #1
Arc-170 (Republic) #2
Mining Guild TIE #1 x2
Mining Guild TIE #2 x2
RZ-2 A-wing #1 x4
RZ-2 A-wing #2 x4
Skull Squadron Pilot x3
Thane Kyrell x3
Iden Versio x3

Official Dial Covers
Rebel Alliance x3
Galactic Empire x5
Scum and Villainy x5
First Order x3
Galactic Republic x3

Acrylic Target Locks (Litko) - Four sets (1-9) in fluorescent orange clear, opaque orange, fluorescent green clear, and opaque green.   I did the paint and Sharpie on these back in 2013, and it needs touching up (unless you like the weathered look, which I sorta do), but it's easy to do.
Acrylic Focus and Evade (Litko) - 10 focus, 9 evade in fluorescent orange clear.
Acrylic Focus and Evade (Litko) - 9 focus, 10 evade in fluorescent green clear.
Acrylic Range Ruler (Litko) - fluorescent orange clear.
R3 ruler (trans. dark red, Spring 2015)
R1-R3 ruler set (frosted orange, 2018) x2
R1-3 ruler set (trans. orange, 2017)
Target Locks (green and red, 18)
Evade (rectangular, white on trans. light green)
Ion (red on trans. dark gray)
Stress (red on trans. dark gray)
Ion (white on frosted pink) x5
Stress (black on frosted red) x17
Dice bag (black satin, large, X-wing)
Dice bag (black velvet, small, X-wing)
Aggressor, transparent blue (two of these, sell as set only)
Lancer, transparent blue
JM5K, transparent blue
Decimator, transparent dark green
Lambda-class Shuttle, transparent dark green
TIE Advanced. transparent dark green
TIE Adv. Prototype. transparent dark green
TIE/sf, transparent dark green
Upsilon-class Shuttle, transparent dark green
YT-2400, transparent orange
YT-1300, transparent orange
VCX-100, transparent orange
HWK-290, transparent light green x2
Universal Dials (Litko) - These are really cool, and held together with super-strong little magnets. I'm keeping eight of them, because they're so handy. x2.
Acrylic Cluster Mines (FFG) - Note that these are not legal for play, as they were cut the wrong size. Collector value only. Regionals 2016.
Dice (SagaBorn) - Transparent red x12, transparent green x12.  Standard size.  Not legal for tournament play, like all third-party dice.
X-Wing Mat (GaleForce9) - Flexible vinyl, red nebula.
X-Wing Mat (GaleForce9) - Flexible vinyl, Death Star surface.
X-Wing Mat (F.A.T. - Frontline Gaming) - Mousepad material, heavy. Colorful space.
X-Wing Mat (F.A.T. - Frontline Gaming) - Mousepad material, heavy. Colorful space and asteroids.
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NiB copies of the Imperial and F/O Conversion kits (English)
2 copies of Afterburners
Misc. Ships, promos, range rulers and templates.


German language copies of the Imperial and F/O Conversion kits
German Language copy of Afterburners
German Language Damage Deck


Please let me know; I'm willing to work out shipping, etc.

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New listing! The official alt arts are noted as such, fan-created noted as such.  Aside from where noted on the official stuff, I didn't note which kit it came from...if you're after it, you probably already know.


Official pilots:

Epsilon Squadron Cadet
Cartel Spacer
Jakku Gunrunner
Jessika Pava
Darth Vader (GenCon 2018)
Grand Inquisitor
Scimitar Squadron Pilot
Black Squadron Ace
R2-D2 (plastic)
Blue Squadron Rookie
Saw Gerrera
Blue Squadron Scout
Gray Squadron Bomber
Luke Skywalker (GenCon 2018)
Luke Skywalker (Launch event)
Biggs Darklighter (SOS 2019)
Blue Squadron Escort
Blue Squadron Pilot
Lando Calrissian (plastic)

Official quickbuilds:

Thane Kyrell
Blackout (visible crease on back)
Iden Versio
Foreman Proach
Skull Squadron Pilot
Gold Squadron Veteran

Official upgrades:

Engine Upgrade
Shield Upgrade
Hull Upgrade (plastic)
Proton Torpedoes
IG-2000 title (SOS 2018)
Hound's Tooth title (SOS 2018)
Punishing One (SOS 2018)
Mist Hunter (SOS 2018)

Unofficial pilots:
Dutch Vander (GSP)
Darth Maul (GSP)
Darth Maul (District Foundry)
Trade Federation Drone (GSP)
Kylo Ren (GSP)
Quickdraw (GSP)
Guri (Mynocks)
IG-88B (GSP)
IG-88C (GSP)
Maarek Stele (Hangar 19)
Norra Wexley (GSP)
Gold Squadron Veteran (Paul LaRue)
Fenn Rau (GSP - Rebel)
Lowhhrick (GSP)
Arvel Crynyd (Hangar 19)
Jake Farrell (Thule Squadron)


Pretty much any official Resistance or Republic stuff.

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Don’t have much, but perhaps you have something I need 😁


Generic Promo Cards (that fit on Republic ships)

Republic Promo Cards

Original Core Set Asteroids

All 6 Debris Clouds

Curled Paw Range Rulers in Translucent Dark Red (range 1 and 2 only is fine)

Curled Paw Ship Marker in Translucent Dark Red

One Normal Green Evade Die

Instinctive Aim (Standard Upgrade)


Jess Pava Promo

Grand Inquisitor Promo

T-70 X-Wing (from TFA Core Set, ship only)

TIE/fo (have two, from TFA Core Set, ship only)

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Have for trade - 

  • Hyperspace Trial Focus x5
  • Hyperspace Trial Evade x5
  • Quickdraw spot gloss Alt Art
  • Seismic Acrylic,  + many 1.0 acrylics (frosted evade, focus, red stress, cloak, tractor, munitions) 
  • Oval Evade x5 (Q3 17)
  • Light Blue Frosted Shields (x4)
  • Dark Blue Frosted Shields (x10)
  • Launch Party Alt Arts -  Luke/ Obsidian double sided, Academy Pilot, Bluq Sq Escort
  • Scariff Pilot Alt Art
  • Juke Alt Art
  • Director Krenik Alt Art
  • Saw Gerrera Alt Art
  • Scarif Base Pilot Alt Art
  • Shield Upgrade Alt Art
  • B-wing Blue Squad Alt Art
  • Quick Build Alt Arts (Thane, Iden, Fang)
  • Metal force tokens (3 gold)
  • Bounty Hunter / Y-wing Dual sided Alt Art
  • R2-D2 Alt Art
  • Engine Upgrade Alt Art
  • “Scorch” First Order TIE Alt Art
  • Munitions Failsafe Alt Art
  • Proton Rockets Alt Art
  • Jakku Gunrunner Alt Art
  • R2 Astromech SoS Alt Art
  • Resistance Bomber 2.0 upgrade kit x 3 
  • TONS of 1.0 Alt Art, etc


  • 2019 World Champs Dutch Alt Art 
  • 2019 GenCon Alt Arts
  • 2019 SOS Target locks (just want 1 set of 3)
  • 2019 SOS Rebel Pilots (Luke, Biggs, Porkins, Red Sq Vet)
  • 2018 Gen Con Luke Skywalker Alt Art
  • 2018 Coruscant Scum Pilots, Crew
  • 2.0 Dial, base & generic pilot card for - B-wing;  X-wing x2;  Y-wing x2
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It's been a while. If anyone has purchase multiple conversion kits & Expansion Packs, I'm actually looking for additional copies of unique pilot cards.

Here's what I'm looking for:

-Rey (YT-1300)
-Lt. Bastian
-Jaycriss Tubbs
-Jessika Pava
-Joph Seastriker
-Kare Kun
-Temmin Wexley
-Nien Nunb
-Ello Atsy
-Poe Dameron

Upgrade Cards:
Force Powers:

-Instinctive Aim x2
-Predictive Shot x2
-Brilliant Evasion x2
-Heightened Perception x2
-Supernatural Reflexes x2

-BB Astromech x2

-Delayed Fuses x2
-Spare Parts Canisters x2
-Angled Deflectors x2

-Advanced Optics x2
-Pattern Analyzer x2
-Targeting Synchronizer x2

-Passive Sensors x2

I have purchased multiple conversion kits and other expansion packs so I have other extra stuff to trade at the moment. I have references from past trades available upon request.

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Hola, is someone interested in vintage evade tokens ? 


Willing to trade away:

2014 original regional evade tokens * 8

2014 metal badge summer

2014 metal badge winter

any 2.0 scum conversion kit dial + generic pilot

few 1.0 tokens and promo cards


Looking for: 

1 original die from regional 2014 (green and red)

Vermeil pilot card in any language but spanish and english. 

(and if it exists any Vermeil promo/alt art)


Located in Barcelona, Spain. 

Edited by polmoneys

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