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Baron Soontir Fel

The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

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9 minutes ago, tsondaboy said:

@LagJanson@Jeff Wilder, you guys were trading too!
Next time we should do a 3party trade and save on shipping lol!

Three-way international.  I think I saw that in a men's magazine once.

(A "magazine," for our younger readers, is a website in paper form.)

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Have a starter box Xwing - model, base, stem, toppers, pilot cards and the rebel only upgrades from the box set (5x astromechs and sfoils) 

Looking to trade for a Tie Interceptor (ship, stem and base), Tie Advanced (either) (ship stem and base)  or a Tie Phantom (ship, stem and base) 

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5 hours ago, LagJanson said:

Dials? Models? Everything?

FO Conversion kit was kinda oversized for me.

Models yeah, that's all I want. Two minimum. I technically don't NEED them... I mean I got TIE/FOs, proxy isn't awful.

I just can't find these suckers.

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Im in the UK but have done lots of trades across the world.

I’m looking for V2 FFG promos;-            

  • Spot gloss Rebel Lando
  • cartel spacer 

I have to trade FFG V2 promos

  • Krennic
  • shield upgrade 
  • proton torpedoes 
  • Quickbuild card Thane
  • quickbuild card Iden
  • quickbuild card skull Squ. 
  • set of 6 scum title cards - IG2000 x 2, Slave 1, Punishing 1, Hounds Tooth and Mist Hunter
  • Loads of V1 promos if you are looking to complete a set.  
  • HST dice 


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Positive trade reference for @kehl_aecea.

Our “trade” actually started as a gift. We don’t know each other, but KA PM’d me after I posted a lament about seeking the new cloud templates without the new factions.  KA offered to send me an extra set of templates to me  for free!  Eventually, we figured out a dial that was needed and I sent it in trade. 

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Hey guys, I've been mulling it over in my head for a while but since the release of 2.0 and now clone wars era stuff, I feel the need to offload my collection. I'm in SE Wisconsin. In a perfect world, I would love to trade my entire 1.0 collection (which I will list shortly) for the Republic 3 pack, sep 3 pack, infiltrator, and arc 170. 
My collection right now is as follows:

hwk-290, k-wing, e-wing, y-wing, attack shuttle, YT-2400, YT-1300, VCX-100, T-70 x-wing, Tie Interceptor, Tie Phantom, Tie, Advanced


z-95 headhunter, t-60 x-wing (core set and gr75 version), tie fighter, FO tie fighter, Tie Defender (grey and red), Tie Bomber (blue/grey and striped grey)


A-wing (red and blue versions, B-wing (grey and red versions)

I don't know how much it adds up to but if you need models we can probably both be happy with a trade. I want to get back in the hobby! anyway, please let me know and feel free to throw out bargains (nothing ridiculous or insulting of course). 
Thanks a bunch,

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Have for trade - 

  • Hyperspace Trial Evade x5
  • Quickdraw spot gloss Alt Art
  • Seismic Acrylic,  + many 1.0 acrylics (frosted evade, focus, red stress, cloak, tractor, munitions) 
  • Oval Evade x5 (Q3 17)
  • Launch Party Alt Arts -  Luke/ Obsidian double sided, Academy Pilot, Bluq Sq Escort
  • Scariff Pilot Alt Art
  • Juke Alt Art
  • Director Krenik Alt Art
  • Saw Gerrera Alt Art
  • Scarif Base Pilot Alt Art
  • Shield Upgrade Alt Art
  • B-wing Blue Squad Alt Art
  • Quick Build Alt Arts (Thane, Iden, Fang)
  • Metal charge tokens (3)
  • Bounty Hunter / Y-wing Dual sided Alt Art
  • R2-D2 Alt Art
  • Engine Upgrade Alt Art
  • “Scorch” First Order TIE Alt Art
  • Munitions Failsafe Alt Art
  • Resistance Bomber 2.0 upgrade kit x 3 
  • TONS of 1.0 Alt Art, etc
  • Large collection of vintage 80's Star Wars toys


  • 2019 SOS Target locks (just want 1 set of 3)
  • 2019 SOS Rebel Pilots (Luke, Biggs, Porkins, Red Sq Vet)
  • 2019 SOS Cobalt Bomber, Captain Jonus
  • 2018 Gen Con Luke Skywalker Alt Art
  • 2018 Coruscant Scum Pilots, Crew
  • 2.0 Dial, base & generic pilot card for - B-wing;  X-wing x2;  Y-wing x2
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