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Please may we have a DISLIKE

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First, I hope I have posted this in the right place. Seemed too general to post it in the Edge of the Empire or X-Wing forums, where I most regularly visit.


There are times when comments on a forum get unfriendly and then spark a snowball effect which usually ends in a lock or removal. It is my hope that the introduction of a Dislike, in addition to the Like, might alert those on their way to becoming the cause of unpleasant conversation and cause them to rethink how they're communicating.


Might stop some, otherwise interesting topics, devolving into a brutal brawl of name calling that ultimately stops the thread. But after much aggravation has been caused.


I know I myself have made comments that got a sharp response, though I'm pleased that most are simple misunderstandings or not explaining myself right. Having someone point out my comment was met with an apology and an edit if something came across offensive or rude. One time I just reacted badly due to the fact I was having a bad day.


So if you agree that a Dislike would be a helpful addition please Like this.

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