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Idea ---> Mordheim: Diskwars

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We all know the beautiful game of Mordheim has been discontinued and unsupported by

GW for several years now and only small enclaves of mostly Coreheim players remain...


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mordheim:


Somehow I feel like there could be an opportunity here to revive the beauty of Mordheim for us 

in a simpler, more casual way through creating our own custom ruleset based on the Diskwars system. 

Obviously, significant changes would have to be made and I can already think of a dozen complications 

or ways in which the original would have to be simplified, but as I was looking at my collection of OOP 

GW games and my eyes fell on Mordheim, I had this awesome vision before my eyes of the complete 3x3 

play area covered in 2d houses with streets running all across the board and individual disks roaming the table.


Here's where the first complications start:

1. Each disk, rather than representing a regiment, would have to represent an individual miniature

or a small number of miniatures so that you have a decent number of disks in your warband.


2. Because of [1.] it's a lot harder to have themed warbands like in regular Mordheim. In general,

because of the limited variety of disks it's a lot harder to customize your warband the way you

used to in the original (large variety of weapons options etc.)


3. Depicting different levels of terrain, a pretty essential part of Mordheim,

is a lot harder to do in an easily distinguishable way on a 2d table.


Despite all this, somehow I could see this work...

What do you guys think? Any ideas or thoughts? Does that even sound appealing to anyone?

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The Deadlands Diskwars game (was it Boomtown? Can't remember) had a similar scale to Mordheim, so I suspect it would be feasible.

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