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The Imperial Rebel

The Assault on Imdaar Final Round List Center

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I just won a postponed Assault at Imdaar Alpha event at a FLGS. A small venue (6 players) with all well known faces:


I played 4 x Royal TIE Guard Interceptors w/PTL (and Royal TIE Guard titles "just because") and made it to the final where I met a guy I played in the Swiss rounds. He chose Imperial so I had to think up some Rebel Mojo....


My choice fell on:

Wedge Antilles (PS9) w/Outmaneuver and R7


Coran Horn (PS8) w/PTL and R7-T1




Airen Cracken (PS8) w/Wingman and Ion Pulse Torpedo


I was facing 


Rexler Brath (PS8) w/Predator


Dark Curse (PS6)


Night Beast (PS5)




Sigma Sq. Pilot (PS3) w/Advenced Cloaking Device


After an fairly mediocre 1st firing round my 3 Rebel Ace/Star pilots kicked it up and killed off the fully cloaked Phantom while only loosing a shield on Cracken I think.


I forgot to use my Wingman and then started bumping/blocking myself, but thanks to the very intimidating look/combo on Wedge, my opponent fortunately (had to?) chose to focus on killing him off and that worked nicely for Horn and Cracken.


After taking a looooong turn around with the -Wing and Z-95 I finally managed to line them up, and then the synergy between Crackens Free Action ability and Wingman combined with Horns PTL, and R7-T1 Astromech REALLY kicked in and I managed to kill the Defender with some very intense Range 1 fire from Cracken and Horn.


A couple of rounds prior to the end of the game I koiograned with Crackn and lined Horn up next to him and took a shot at Night Beast with TL Focus and Horns double attack but my opponent dodged EVERYTHING.

We had time for 1 more round and since Horn wasn't allowed to attack I pulled him off in safety outside Night Beast and Dark Curse (and Focus Evaded just to make 100 % sure  :D ) and for Cracken I was a bit lucky to bump in to Dark Curse so only Night Beast had a Range 1 shot: He made 2 hits, I evaded 1 and lost my last shield and could FINALLY (!!!!) after a really looooooong drought find myself as a (small) tournament......


For my 1st place finish I pcked up the Phantom, since a VERY VERY friendly guy from my group (who finished 3rd in a previous AaIA event) had passed a Defender on to me for TO'ing that event. 

So currently my Wave 4 fleet counts a Defender (consolation prize) and a Phantom (actual prize).


Can't wait to play with them. **** those new EPT and Droids are fun to play around with.


Well, that's it for now.


take care and Fly Casual-

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