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Celebrimbor's Secret- The most anticipated AP so far?

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Yes, that is what I thought about the Archer -- that it could be a unit in an army. So far I think only Horseback Archer (Rohan) and Silverlode Archer (Silvan) has it. We can see a Minas Tirith Archer (Gondor), Rivendell Archer (Noldor), etc. and get a nice mechanic for a battle type situation. It would have to be distinctively different from the ranged keyword, I say.


I really cannot think what the Healer can do, I am totally puzzled why he was selected as one of the four in the saga. Elrond, probably the most famous healer of the age, did not get the trait. Similar with the Minstrel, Rivendell Minstrel is missing it but the new Galadhrim Minstrel (spoilt in the Dunland Trap article) is not. Interesting. And the Craftsman, I feel they could save that one easily.

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