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Contradictory Play for a winning move. Please Help

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I was playing as Slaanesh and the other playing involved was playing Khorne... In the space there was a keeper of secrets upgraded with mind control, 2 Seductresses and 1 Daemonett. The 2 chaos cards in play were by Khorne, Blood Frenzey was in the east side slot and Reborn in blood on the west. He had 1 Bloodletter to oppose me, he was trying to stop me by killing my Seductresses so I didn't get the last advancement in my threat dial because there was a noble there. Now his east card activates "at the beginning of the Battle" to roll 2 battle die. But my keeper of secrets upgrade allows me to "control his warrior" at the start of the "battle phase". Would he still roll his 2 battle die according to the card ?Blood Frenzy? or is the whole battle phase and chaos cards null and void because I took control of his only warrior in play?


Thank you

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