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05 03 Rikis Gameshop Vilnius Lithuania

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It’s my first try at tournament report so sorry for not remembering full upgrades of some oponents and below average English. Last weekend to celebrate Star wars day the one of few game shops really worth its name in Lithuania (not a big competition L) ran X-wing tournament. Due to good weather, other holidays and stuff like that player turnout was only 6. TO decided to still make it epic game day, and made a 5 round tournament, so everyone played everyone.

My list was 4 ships rebels “Han will not shoot first”

2xRookie pilot

Wedge Antiles with R2-D2 and adrenaline rush

Roark Garnet with Ion cannon turret

1st round

My opponent decided to make original 4 ships empire list – Vader, Mauler Mithel with VI, Turr phenir with VI and Winged Gundark. And all 4 with stealth devices. So his plan was to shoot first and not be there to be shot at. Problem is both Wedge and Roark is hard counters to that. I deployed Wedge and main group separately, and he took the bait, and deployed all his fighters facing Wedge, that allowed my main group to flank him. Game ended 100-0 my win.

2nd round

Vs Firespray + Miniswarm (Howlrunner and 3 academy pilots). I don’t remember what named pilot firespray had, but he used swarm tactics on it. We both deployed facing eatch other and bloodbath began. After smoke cleared Wedge with full health and shields (thanks to R2) was left facing Firespray with 2 health and single academy pilot. Next turn Wedge sent firespray to early grave, and hunter tie for his pleasure after that.

3rd round

Vs. 4 ships rebels 2x B-wing (can’t remember blue or dagger) Rookie pilot and Biggs maybe with R2. He had some upgrades, but no advanced sensors or HLC. Roark and Wedge gave me advantage in pilot skill, also managed to ionize B-wings few times. Destroyed his whole fleet, but managed to fly Roark out of map doing that (still forget how limited HWK dial is)

4th round (the epic one)

VS Han shoots first Han with Luke, Chewy, engine upgrade, falcon title, assault missile + Biggs with R2 D2, shield upgrade and some 1 point EPS, what did nothing but was really important in the end. Personal note, I have huge case of Falconfobia, I just can’t win a game them opponent has Falcon, simple as that so I didn’t have my hopes high. We started on different corners of map and met bit bellow middle, he used boost to get out of my sights and left Biggs for me to tear apart, it was chase from there on, and hard one, Falcon with engine upgrade is tough one to catch in X-wing, not talking about HWK, I still managed to accumulate to ion tokens to make him spend turn on asteroid, he took out my Han, But finnaly we ran out of time, I got his Falcon to last structure, rolled last 3 attack die with rookie, got 1 hit. He rolled single defence die and evaded………. And people ask why I have Falconfobia…. Fun part started at lost point counting, we both though he won, but due to him taking 1 point EPS, and me taking adrenaline rush to make it full 100 points both his and mine lost ship cost same 34 points, so it’s a draw.

5th round

Vs Chewy and friends (I created a monster!)

His list was Chewy with gunner, draw their fire and falcon title + blue with HLC and rookie. We took 1 hour long train trip to the event with this player, and I made him a list along the way, he mainly plays empire, but didn’t have enough interceptors to make list he wanted. I inevitably lost (hey, it was my own list, and it even had Falcon, so 0% :D)

I ended up second, behind Han shoot first player, my friend with Chevy list was third, and got some nice tokens for it. And I really had a great time 

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