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Magnus Grendel

A general thank-you to FFG

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Finished a first week of gaming after getting the core set, and I must say I really, really like Warhammer: Discwars.


The game is very simple - the learning scenario works perfectly and we were able to jump into full 2-regiment games with confidence immediatley after. But it still feels a lot more tactical than I expected with the fixed stats due to the choice of strategy*, the ability to empower discs, and the ability to shoot into a melee (assuming it doesn't go horribly wrong with scatter results, of course....) 


Most importantly, it feels like warhammer. Characters and units behave as you think they should do, and you get quite a lot of 'cinematic' moments in the game. Examples from our last game:


  • Tyrion challenges Archaeon. "But first," He says, "All the enhancing magic in the world!" as Teclis dumps an empowerment token and shield of saphery on him. "Right. Now, where were we? Oh yes, a 'fair fight'. Ready?"
  • An empowered sun dragon slams into the bloodthirster, incinerating a unit of kurgan marauders as it charges. Valkia herself flies up and the bloodthirster becomes empowered, decapitating the dragon in one easy sweep.
  • Teclis and an accompanying high mage simultaneously 'hadoken' the wounded valkia straight off the board**. Turning to high-five one another, a huge shadow spreads across both of them and the bloodthirster flies over the battle line and drops from a great height and lands one foot on each of them. (Turns out they weren't quite as far apart as intended)


Having great fun, and really looking forward to Hammer and Hold. Considering a secont core set too, so we can play Strongholds missions.



*I swear on the last turn last night we spent more time staring at one another over a command deck playing mental poker over strategy choice than we did flipping discs!


** Teclis. Just as nasty as in Warhammer FB. But slightly more balanced.

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Well said mister Magnus.


When Diskwars was announced I was one to laugh at it's face, thinking how silly it would be to flip disks and call them units.  But the theme and the amazing comments this game received when it launched made me reconsider my thought and actually look at it with a more serious eye.


And then I bought it and not looking back...and Dwarves and Vampire Counts are coming...**** that'll be awesome.

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