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House Ruling Rumor Rewards

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I think this could be exploited by the overlord.


If the overlord plays a series of plot cards just before the start of the third quest in act 1, the heroes would only have the opportunity to play a single rumor despite the trade off that the banes they had from the plot cards made more quests available to them.


I am not sure if that exploit is necessarily a bad thing or not, but its some food for thought.

Good point, except why would the OL play quest cards that he doesn't intend to play? 



Because he is forced to from the effects of another plot card.


So he gets the OL tokens for the 2 or 3 quests, but the heroes do not get the opportunity to play the quest.

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It seems quite complicated to make the rumors see competitive game. I'm thinking some balanced way of doing it too...

In addition to the proposed ideas, what about making the threats tokens of the side quest special ones that 
dont give fortune to the heroes when used?


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