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It's such a shame that the PC's don't get the chance to explore Mos Shutta a little more, I found a great resource that expands on the details of the town, building and area - by @adampageuk, but I wanted to SEE the places too.


Perhaps this could be a community project? I made a start, here's a work-in-progress of Warehouse Besh. Solo, this would be a huge project, anyone interested in assisting? Are any of you interested in seeing more maps of building around Mos Shuuta?




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You did make a great map. What a shame that nobody helped you to make some more maps. Maybe I would help you but I have no idea how to make one of those maps. I've read the explanation that Maveritchell postet here:


and I'm sure I can make some maps but where did I get the items to place at the maps? I have downloaded all Map assets from here http://thompsonpeters.com/eote/misc/ but as I can see at your picture that you use also other typs of items. Where can I get some of these?





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Sorry for the massive delay! Not been on the forums for a long time.

Most of the assets I used to create the map, I created myself of a search for in google.
You can find a lot of useful stuff if you search for transparent PNG files.

I'm about to start another campaign, so I might start looking at this again.


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Hi Aurin,

I expanded the Escape from Mos Shuuta scenario. The players had to retrieve a crate from the warehouse. How they get in and retrieve it is up to them. 

Whilst in there they have a chance to discover crates marked with the symbol of the Galactic Empire. Imperial munitions. This helps to tie in the presence of the Imperial shuttle later in the scenario.

Hope that helps ?

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