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2-2 Win/Loss at my First Tournament

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I represented the Imperials at the Game Matrix in Tacoma, Washington on May 4th.


My forces were:


2 Royal Guard Interceptors

            Both with Push the Limit

            One with Targeting Computer

4 Imperial Academy Pilots


My first game:


I was facing two YT-1300.




Both had upgrades and such. I don't remember all of what he had, but I do remember my opponent had a Recon Specialist on each ship.


That game ended poorly for my Imperials.


My second game:


I was facing a named Tie fighter (I forgot name), and 4 Tie Bombers.

Due to my inexperience and superb noob skills, I lost three tie fighters to Proton Bombs in one turn.


Note to self: Do not joust with bombers. Especially if they have bombs. Maybe if I have bombers too. Maybe.


That game ended up a loss for me, but not by too much as my opponent wasn't able to actually land any serious hits with his bombers after the bombings.


Game three:


I was facing three Y-Wings and a B-Wing. They all had Ion stuff (turrets and cannons). I actually won this game. Very hard fought and kudos to my opponent.


Game four:


I faced three X-Wings and a HWK-290. The HWK-290 I think had Recon Specialist and it was the Moldy Crow and Kyle Katarn. It was collecting Focus tokens like they were going out of style. It was another ship I never fought before. I still ended up blowing it away.


This game was one of the closest and hardest of the day. I managed to win by 3 points! 51 to 54 points. A very hard fought game as well.


The tournament was very awesome. All the players were great people and I had lots of fun. The hard part was trying not to burn more money on ships as I am currently unemployed. I should have gotten into this game last year when I had income.


Anyways, I came away with this prize. A Dagger Squadron Pilot. Sigh. I need to pick up some B-Wings now.



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I haven't played against bombers, but I've played bombers and only have ever managed to bomb my own ships. I'd probably also do poorly against them haha.

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Seismics are some of the best 2 point upgrades in the game.  I run 4 of them on my 3 Gammas and Jonus.  Super effective if you know where the enemy ends up before you move.


I played one game against a Jax Swarm and was getting slowly taken apart...until I dropped 3 seismics and took out a full health Jax and 2 full health Ties...GAME OVER

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