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Beren Eoath

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e?

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Looking at the lack of support and how thing now are with WFRP 3e is FFG considering to make a new edition of this classical RPG that many players like? I know that many where pushed away by the fact that WFRP 3e had a lot of cards and board game elements but I see that a similar model is used for SW RPG lines, but this one is improved. So maybe FFG would make a WFRP 4e using that model of RPG with hardback books and a lot of more informations and content printed in those. Many players are just waiting to see and read more about the Old World, Elves, History and many other aspects that are not present that much in WFRP 3e supplements.

So is there a chance that FFG would publish WFRP 4e or make an adventure card/baord game using that universe - my beloved Warhammer fantasy?

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