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Beren Eoath

Legend of Zelda - board game

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Ok, so looking at the fact that there will be The Witcher board game and there was Warcraft maybe FFg would consider making a board game with Zelda licence from Nintendo?

This could be a funny, cartoon style game when You would play as Link or other Zelda character and take an adventure to save Hyrule. The board could be a square with options for addint other boards to it like in Talisman. Each character could have a different deck of ability cards with recharge. Also the main mechanic could be based on custom dicewhich would give You not only success or failure but also say To You how big Your success/failure was, maybe even with boons and banes.

Becouse there is a lack of good adventure games maybe such a title would be interesting and find it's place on the market.

It's just an idea but maybe someone will like it.

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