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Question about Quick Strike & another about Wolf Rider

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ok. I need some help here.


My first question is about Quick Strike.  I exhaust my character to attack an enemy in the engagement area.  Since i'm attacking - the defending enemy doesn't get a shadow card - right?



While I think I know the answer to that one, I have no clue about this one.


Wolf Rider is revealed as a shadow card, becomes an attacker, with a shadow card of it's own. Attack resolves and then I assume i get to return the favor and attack the Wolf Rider.  Let's say I defeat him - - - does he still go back to the top of the encounter deck?  Is he the undead from hello, or do i get to discard him. I ask because I'm really begining to hate that card. I don't need him surging every time i flip a card from the encounter deck. I'm telling everyone right now that if he still gets to go to the top of the encounter deck then I'm putting his butt in the shredding machine like he never existed.  (And I bet he would still be the next card on top of the encounter deck.  ok. I digress.


Related to this.


Since the original defending card was the last card standing, meaning everyone else is exhausted, then the damage from Wolf rider goes to a Hero of my choice.  Is that correct?


Thanks in advance.




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and tricky.


Here's an official answer from :




Q: It seems Wolf Rider, as a shadow effect, is never engaged with you, so you cannot attack him and there is no action window to play a feint on him. Can we still kill him with Sneak Attack+Gandalf , or any number of other approaches that just require an action window?

A: What a fun question. I checked with Nate to make sure I understood his original intent with Wolf Rider, and it plays exactly as it reads: Wolf Rider is still technically a shadow card when it makes an attack. It is only treated as an enemy card while resolving it's attack, but it is neither engaged with the player or in the staging area.
If you were to deal damage to it equal to its hit points at that time, it would be discarded.

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