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Plasma cannon burst radius

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If it is not an actual threat, plasma simply becomes bolters +1. Better than bolters in every single way, barring special ammo.


Bolters are better against hordes and they have a lower requisition 


 And Plasmaguns are quite ammo restricted.

A plasma cannon has a clip of 16 a heavy bolter has a clip of 60, but firing at full auto (6) the heavy bolter can only get 10 bursts, the plasma can get out 16 (or 8 on maximal).  Bolter drill changes this a bit but the heavy bolter is not at any great advantage, arguably a disadvantage.


Backpacks (which I think might apply to both but if someone can find me a different ruling  I'd love to hear it) hold 100 shots for plasma and 250 rounds (41.66 bursts) for the heavy bolter.  If you use a backpack the heavy bolter is significantly more ammo restricted.   

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Hence I was talking about the plasmagun. (HB and PC are quite different anyway.)


Seriously, if you had the option in 40K TT to choose to swap ALL boltguns against plasmaguns at no point cost, I'd do it immediately. Everytime.



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