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Question about Servants of Glaaki

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Hi there fellow cultists, I have some question about Servants of Glaaki.


"Servants.. gains T icon for each copy in play."


Do they gain T icon if they are alone in play?

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Rite of the Silver Gate (The Key and the Gate, F25) reads:

Fated 3.

Action: Exhaust Rite of the Silver Gate to choose a non-story card in play. The controller of that card reveals the top card of his deck and compares its cost to that of the chosen card. Discard the card with the highest cost. Then, place a success token on the Rite of the Silver Gate.

Here's a previous official answer to this question --

Rite of the Silver Gate - What happens if the revealed card and the target card have the same cost? Do you get to choose which is discarded, or does nothing happen?

Nothing happens.

If the card said to choose the card with the highest cost, that ability to choose would let you select one of the cards since they both qualify as having the highest cost. Because there is no choice the revealed card must be a different cost for there to be an effect.

Forgot to ask - if nothing is discarded due to the tie, do you still place a token on Rite of the Silver Gate?


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So, there is similiar situation:


Calling down the Ancients


Action: Choose and destroy a character with the lowest skill


If i can't choose lowlest skill between my character and opponent character (when its tie) makes this card quite useless... Sad...

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Calling Down the Ancients (Secrets of Arkham, F32) reads:

Action: Choose and destroy a character with the lowest skill.

Because you can "choose ... a character", that means it actually is possible to break ties - you get to select and destroy any one of those characters that equally have the lowest skill.

As per section (2.29) Lowest Skill in the FAQ:


"At any time a card effect targets a character with the lowest skill and there is a tie, the card effect’s controller may choose which character is affected. (emphasis added)

This doesn't work for Rite of the Silver Gate because it specifies "the card with the highest cost", meaning it is not targeted (which is generally indicated with the word "choose") and instead is left to the game to work this out, and the game fails to do so if there are more than one cards that meet this singular criteria.

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Ok, here is another question:


Dreamland Fanatic

Response: After an opponent's character leaves play, put Dreamlands Fanatic into play from your hand.


Can i put two copies of Dreamland Fanatic  after one character leaves play???

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Yes, you could trigger both Dreamland Fanatics.

As per the Timing Structure section of the FAQ:

"Any number of responses can be played in response to any occurrence that allows them to trigger, with response opportunities passing back and forth between players, starting with the active player."

Also be aware that there is an important rule related to responses, hidden in the FAQ:

"NOTE: There can be no Response actions triggered to “end of phase” effects resolving."

This means that if the card leaving play is due to an effect at the end of the phase or turn, like your opponent using 'Pulled from the Beyond' to take a character from your discard pile and put it in to play which then returns to your discard pile at the end of the phase, then you could not trigger Dreamland Fanatic's response.

Pulled from the Beyond (Revelations, F100) reads:

"Action: Choose a non-event card in an opponent's discard pile with cost X or lower. Put that card into play under your control. If that card is still in play at the end of the phase, discard it."

P.S. Have a 'like' for quoting Dreamland Fanatic's text with your question. :)

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Greetings, Basior. Glad to hear you're still playing, and hopefully enjoying the game!

Sadly (or happily, if you're up against him), Nikola Tesla loses all his success tokens (as well as any attachments).

There's a similar example in the FAQ --

Q: What happens to success tokens that are on Silver Twilight Collector when this character goes insane? Do they get discarded or do they stay on the card?

A: After a character goes insane it loses any tokens placed on it or any cards attached to it. When a character with 1 or more wound tokens goes insane it is immediately destroyed.

Hot tip: If you have any Fated characters, driving them insane is a useful way to remove their success tokens and reset them to keep using their ability.

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