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Timing question

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Sorry, I can't remember the name of one of the cards I'm referring to here, but I believe it doesn't matter.


Card A -Subzero Defenses: Destroy the first enemy unit to strike against a friendly Hoth objective each turn, after it's strike resolves.


Card B - I can't remember, but the point is that it is a unit that has the sacrifice keyword on it.



So, if I attack with the unit with the sacrifice keyword on it, after it's strike resolves can I sacrifice it before Subzero resolves?


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Depends on how the card reads. Subzero Defenses is a Constant Effect, meaning as long as the conditions are met, the effect happens immediately.


Most cards that have the Sacrifice word on them usually begin with the bold word Action. This is a Triggered Ability, as described in the most recent FAQ update.


I'll quote the Rulebook and FAQ here as it seems appropriate.


The original section on "Constant Effects" from the rulebook


"Constant Effects
Many cards simply announce an effect, with no bold 
precursor. Such effects, called constant effects, 
become active as soon as their enabling card comes 
into play and remain active as long as that card is in 
The objective card “Jedi 
Training” is an example 
of a card that provides a 
constant effect. As long as 
this objective card is in play, 
it gives one additional Force 
icon to the LS player during 
each Force struggle."
Here is the most recent FAQ on Triggered Abilities
"(4.13) Triggered Abilities
Action, Reaction, and Interrupt abilities are known 
as triggered abilities. Such an ability is used when a 
player optionally initiates it at a specific moment in the 
If the word “Forced” precedes a triggered ability, the 
ability’s initiation is mandatory"
In an instance where a Constant Effect and a Triggered Ability would potentially happen at the same time, I believe the Constant Effect is always resolved first.

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GroggyGolem has it correct.  In this case, Subzero Defense has a constant ability that works kind of like a super-reaction to resolving a strike.  It's "super" in that it happens before any actual Reactions can happen.

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