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Bretonnia Conversion (from Knights of the Grail)

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Our group will be playing "Mousillon: Barony of the Damned" and a pal of mine will be writing a Bretonnia-based entry for the 2014 Scenario Contest.  As such, I'm working on a WFRP3 Bretonnia: Knights of the Grail" conversion of careers, regional racial benefits, etc.
This thread will be progressive as I complete sections.  


Any contribution from other readers in completing any of these topics would be highly welcome.
Already started:
Completion advice:

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400px-Bretonnia.jpgPart I -- beginning outline of topics that need to be completed
Bretonnia WFRP3 conversions
Some material may be adapted from the Unofficial Tome of Careers and “Grail magic” by Jadrax.
KOTG topic and book page
Bretonnian Truffle Hound p.13 – Use giant wolf stats
- Gain enrgised condition if fed truffle.
- Price of truffle?
Truffle Hunter – commoner; animal trainer to control truffle hound. Errata for LF7 (animal can be trained just like SBVD same # of tricks/talents)
Frogwife - commoner
Swampaire – commoner

Noble RANK:
King: Noble Lord
Baron: Noble Lord
Lord: Noble Lord
Knights: must be nobility (all nobles have a “knight” title as well, although they are not warrior knights).
Titles of Honour (p.23)
Earl, Marquis, Castellan
Justiciar – Magistrate
Paladin – reknowned warrior/war-leader
Women cannot become knights, but may gain title “Paladin”
Knights, Men at arms and bowmen
Merchants are peasants p25
p.26 Organization sheet needed: “Merchant Clubs” – essentially organized crime  (see list p.27)
Other organizations: “Peasant village representiative” p.27
Need LF8?
Organizations:  Member of the Herrimaults (Merry Men)35
P36:  Goddss of Bretonnia – The Lady of the Lake
- No intitiates. Instead Grail Knights and Grail Damsels, “women taken from their families and raised by the Fay Enchantress to serve the Lady with Mysterious powers.
- Grail Prophetesses (p.26)

You start as any noble (you gain the title Knight Errant, but it means nothing). Then follow the normal progression.
• Knight Errant = Any noble male (Rank 1)
• Knight (also may gain title “Paladin”) p.23; gain the ability to get “Gifts of the Lady” p.39
• Knight of the Inner Circle
• Preceptor
Grail Damsels (p38 fluff)
It is the opinion of this author that Damsels ARE the province of player character play, hence they will be detailed here (unlike in WFRP2’s Bretonnia supplement).
• They are essentially travelling do-gooders for The Lady.
• Strictures, rules, etc. are on p.38 and others.
• Use DIVINE rules (no miscast)
• Access to nature, beasts, healing, home, Life, Omen, and dreaming-type spells.
• Grail Maiden (use Initiate) NEED ABILITY
• Grail Damsel (use Disciple)
• Grail Prophetess (Priest)
• Grail Enchantress (Lector)
Female Noble Warriors
They exist, pet KotG. They cannot become knights and are not legally equal, but may follow a “paladin champion” progression of honorific title.
Paladin = title only
Cult of the Lady – nobility
Ulric – a few worshippers
Myrmidia – bowmen and men-at-arms
Verena – academics and Merry Men
Ranald – merchants
Taal/Rhya – farmers and hunters, outlaws
Shallya – most important to all peasants
-Normally the Fay steal any Bretonnian child with magical talent. Boys are never seen again. Girls usually returned later as Grail Damsels or Witches.
1. L’Anguille
2. Aquitaine
3. Artois
4. Bastonne
5. Bordeleaux
6. Brionne
7. Carcassonne
8. Couronne
9. Gisoreux
10. Lyonese
11. Montfort
12. Mousillon
13. Parravon
14. Quenelles
62 NEW DISEASES: Flaming Vomit, Foot Warts
66 TALENT: Birth Sword
94 bretonnian names
97 Starting careers random
-No wizards native
- Add Grail Damsel tree
Battle Pilgrim –
Carcassonne Shepherd –
Faceless (Leader of Herrimaults)
Grail Knight -
Grail Pilgrim
Herrimault –outlaws
Knight Errant
Knight of the Realm
Questing Knight
Village Elder
Wall Warden
Yeoman (elite peasant warrior)
Bretonnian Warhorses
Racial features by Dukedom 92

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Emirikol's work is always the best!  I'm a huge fan of his.  ;-)


To maybe prioritize things, do we want to remove Elves for the time being as an option?  Or any other careers?  I could see Grail Knights being a little difficult


Since you're running this Eradico, do you see Wood Elves as a viable class in Barony of the Damned?

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That kind of talk won't save your character ;)



Re: Racial restrictions

GM "you're in mousillon where it's all swampy and downtrodden humans and stuff. This will be an all-human campaign."

PLAYER 1:  Ok, I want to play a snobby high elf courtier who refuses to ever get dirty and is afraid of snails and frogs whose first prerogative is to become the castellan.

PLAYER 2:  Yea, I want to play a Wardancer who wants to find a human mate and loves all humans; and thinks he's human.

GM: you realize that wood elves steal and sacrifice Bretonnian human male babies to placate the forest spirits and the girls they sell into magical prostitution cults..something about a cup...

PLAYER 3:  Oh really.  Fine, then I'll play a high elf swordmaster out for a little justice on those humies'

GM: I thought I said humans only and this is a cthuluesque-mask of the red death-gothy-dark-serious kind of campaign where the players are would-be heroes

PLAYERS:  No, that doesn't work for us. We don't care about your stupid campaign.  We all decided that instead we're going to play plane-hopping Kender with laser guns..and no special actions.  We're just going to fire lasers.  We don't need any of those fiddly bits for shooting lasers. BLAMM. BEEEREW! BEEREW! PTCHOW!

GM: [facepalm]

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I'm thinking of adding in the Estalian Diestro and background, as it is a good border item and already has most of the work done from "Eduardo" in wfrp3.  Also, news of more background:  & Black Library novel Zaragoz detailed the eponymous city in the peninsula.. &



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I'm going through some ideas for conversion updates.  I concluded that creating new careers for the ones presented isn't necessary (and the knights transfer straight up..but iwth "virtues" that I'll have to design.  I'm going to go with the ENEMY WITHIN background style instead.  

Example:  Grail Pilgrim is a groupie following a Grail Knight who picks up and worships anything he drops (A SHOE!!!!).  A yeoman is an experienced peasant.  Whoopdeedoo.  An outlaw is anyone who joins a band of Merry Men (better an organization sheet or party sheet for this :)

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Been over a year since me an LordoftheMilk spoke of this, I wonder how it turned out.


Empire knights tend to get horses as their career card. You never hear of Bretonnian knights without a horse.

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I will run TTT soon in FG2 and one of my players will be a Knight Errant from Bretonia.

Thanks guys for this conversion - we will prolly use it!

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thanks for the cards ! They gave me the idea to upgrade the Strange Eons LiberFanatica plugin update I'm working onto, in order to allow "free text" talent type. This will allow to create more talent types (like Ogre Great names as I think I've seen somewhere else on this forum ; but also Vampire Powers, High Elf Honours, Asrai Clan, or whatever you want...)

Of course, I will alter also the cards types on which such sockets appear : Career, Nemesis, Party (not Pet, as it should only have Tricks).


I'll inform you once it is finished !

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Kinder Gentler GRAIL DAMSEL rules:


Grail Damsels (p38 fluff, and p.41 stolen children)

Grail Damsels are women who were stolen as children and raised by the wood elves and forest spirits to cast “good” magic.  They are travelling do-gooders for The Lady of the Lake religion (p.36). They have strictures and rules (p.38)


Conversion to WFRP3:

Step 1:  Choose a ruleset:  Arcane or Divine. This is a permanent choice. 


Step 2:  Choose two faiths or orders from the list below (or may be one each from order and faith).  You choose your spell actions from there.


·         Orders:  Amber, Celestial, Jade, Light

·         Faiths:  Morr (Dreams only), Taal/Rhya, Shallya, Myrmidia (non-weapon only)

·         Other Faith/Order individual spells if can be justified in Grail Damsel design regarding nature, beasts, healing, home life, omens, dreaming and protection type spells.


Step 3:  Advancement.  Titles  and Talent ability are as follows:

WFRP3 Career                       Title in Bretonnia  Talent Ability (bonus white)   

Apprentice/Initiate              Grail Maiden          Piety or Spellcraft

Acolyte/Disciple                    Grail Damsel          Invoc or Channel

Wizard/Priest                        Grail Prophetess    Bonus spell/bless

Master/Lector                       Grail Enchantress  Bonus spell/bless


Step 4:  At any new career you may swap one or both of your order/faiths and only choose spells from your new order/faith.



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Bretonnian Truffle Hunter. (Variant:  Animal Trainer ~Liber Fanatica 7)

Gain: Bretonnian Truffle Hound p.13 (use SBVD at Rank1 and Giant wolf stats at Rank 2).  Rules as Small But Vicious Dog (can be trained like SBVD with same number of tricks and talents as those rules).  Special:  Gain energized condition if fed truffle (truffles may be found on 1x/Act -Average (2d) Observation check if in wilderness)

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Rather than create redundant new careers, they are presented as new backgrounds with a separate bonus.


Roll d12 for non-nobles:

1. Battle pilgrim has survived travels with a Knight  – Gain training (or specialization if trained) in Discipline, Weapon Skill, or Ballistic Skill.


2. Carcassonne Sheppard is a border scout – Gain training (or specialization if trained) in Animal Handling or Observation


3. Grail Pilgrim collects religious artifacts – Gain training (or specialization if trained) in Piety or Invocation.


4.Faceless is a leader of a group of Herrimault outlaws  – Gain training (or specialization if trained) in Intimidate or Leadership.


5. Herrimault is a “Merry Man” outlaw – Gain training (or specialization if trained) in Guile, Skulduggery, or Stealth.


6. Man-at-arms was a soldier – Gain training (or specialization if trained) in Weapon or Ballistic Skill.


7. Mediator is a village negotiator for the peasants – Gain training (or specialization if trained) in Charm, Guile, or Intuition.


8. Village Elder makes decisions for a village and decides punishments – Gain training (or specialization if trained) to Leadership or Intuition.


9. Yeoman is a decent peasant militiaman – Gain training (or specialization if trained) in Discipline or Resilience.


10. Exceptional Peasant – Gain training (or specialization if trained) in Tradecraft, Resilience,  or Animal Handling.


11. Wall Warden - Gain training (or specialization if trained) in Engineering or Tradecraft.


12. Roll again


All Nobles (Background) (p.22) – If male, gain title “Knight Errant”. If female in combat career, gain title “Paladin.”  Females cannot pursue knighthood, but can gain “Gifts of the Lady” (p.39). Nobles still gain the gold stipend, but it is by # of Noble Careers, not by rank.


Bretonnian Knight Progression Equivalent (Males Only) -


·         THE GRAIL VIRTUES P108


EMPIRE                                  BRETONNIAN NAME           

Knight                                    Knight of the Realm             

Knight of the Inner Circle    Questing Knight                   

Preceptor                               Grail Knight           

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Not sure why my blog is a reference material here, but it was a bit of a shame they never did a Bretonnian boxed set for 3E. However Knights Errant and all sound like they'd be distinct careers with Virtue type plugin cards. Grail Pilgrims should have some sort of cards that work of collecting/using relics from Grail Knights for example.


If I was also revising Bretonnia I'd add some decent fluff and maybe give the Herrimaults some more crunchy rules and an agenda. And stat some interesting NPCs like the Bowmen of Bergerac, Rapanse de Lyonesse and the various named characters.


The 8th Edition Bretonnia fan-armybook is actually pretty replete with ideas. KotG was so badly written it made me give up on WFRP until a few years back.

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