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Toughness Increase and Wound Threshold

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From the errata:


Q:  If I increase my toughness after character creation, does my Wound Threshold go up?
A:  No. Toughness is only a factor when determining a character’s starting wound threshold. After character creation, if a player wants his character to be able to withstand more wounds, he needs to invest in a Wound Threshold advance.
This came up in my game group recently and I was hoping to solicit some other opinions. I can see it both ways but what do you think of this rule? Do you play it RAW or house rule it otherwise? 

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So, this would imply that increases in Fellowship wouldn't increase shame threshold and increases in Tou would also not increase your corruption threshold as well correct?


Is this a well-thought errata or is there a hole?


On p.12 of the 3-year old errata.



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We play it by RAW. Increasing toughness does not increase wound threshold.


As it does increase your soak value, you'll be more resilient to damage anyways.


However, most players do not increase toughness very often, as increasing attributes is quite expensive (and also has a cap). So allowing an increase in wound threshold wouldn't be game breaking, one extra wound isn't that much.

Say that a character starts with Toughness 3, if the player wants to max out toughness (i.e. go for toughness 6) he/she will have done so at the end of the third career and will still only have gained 3 extra wounds and will have spent 15 (4+5+6) advancements on toughness. In the end the increased soak will do far more for the survivability of the character than the 3 extra wounds.


So however you decide to rule it, it won't be game breaking. But in my group we play this per RAW, increased toughness is already a good option, you don't need to add extra wounds on top of that.

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