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Hi Guys. Some Rule-Questions from a Newbie :)

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Hey Good Day everyone.

First I need to say  I am from Germany, so maybe my english wont pleasure native teacher. 

 And because I play the boardgame in german the proper terms may be incorrect. Excuse me in advance for that :)

I ask here because the german forums are pretty empty.

After we played two scenarios we've got some questions about the rules (I searched the forum before, but I didnt find answers for them).


1. On scenario 2 there are two types of different goal-marks (with Stark and Lannister symbols). Does that mean I (as Stark) have to conquer the Lannister marks (the three bridges) or just as much as possible?

2. Gregor Clegane (the Mountain) got the special ability to roll a new dice for every flag he rolled (on attack rolls). Does that imply counter-attacks, flanking and punishing strikes?


3. When I do a counterattack, does a rolled flag force the formerly attacker to retreat?


4. Archers cant flank and counterattack, right?

5. When archers attack a unit they wont use a battle mark. But they still have "locked" the target says the rulebook. So they have to move before they can attack anyone else.
But what happens, when a melee unit attacks  archer (who already locked in to another unit). The melee unit places a battle mark. Must the archers then run away (and get a punishment strike?) to attack the new melee unit? Looks like there is no rule for that.
We just played this situation just as the archers never "locked in" another unit before they got into a melee fight.

6. Do the War Dogs have the same "lock in" thing as archers?



Seems like the lannisters got a pretty neat starting lineup in scenario 2. I got totally smashed 4 goalmarks for lannisters vs 0 for starks on round 5. Are there any good tactics how I can win this or make the battle just more even? 

I thank you for your patience and Iam looking forward to see some answers and hints :)!

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Hi Vestire,


1. The Lannister and Stark symbols show which side is currently controlling the location/objective. They can switch sides numerous times, so you must struggle to keep the Stark objectives in your control, while taking those of your Lannister friend.


2. There is a subtle difference between attacking and counterattacking and you can see it on Gregor's Clegane card - it says "when Gregor's unit rolls attack dice" - so, it only triggers when Gregor is attacking and not counterattacking. Flanking is a type of attack, so it triggers the ability. "Punishing strikes" (these are parting blows, I believe) do not trigger Keyword Abilities or Commander-specific Abilites, so again, the ability of Gregor is not triggered. Btw, Morale results are ignored during parting blows. Summary:

Counterattack - No

Flanking - Yes (bear in mind that his ability takes place before the re-roll for flanking)

Parting blow - No


3. Yes, counterattacks cause retreats as usual (but they do not activate abilites like Pursue X or Advance).


4. Yes and no. Archers can not flank but can counterattack.


5. and 6. - I am not sure what you mean by "battle mark" (probably engagement token) and by "locked". Archers themselves can not melee attack other units (although they can counterattack, see 4.) and because of this they never put engagement token between them and enemy unit. Only enemy units can trigger engagement with archers. If by "locked" you mean that archers can not pick another target after attacking a unit, I believe there is no such thing in the rules. Every turn archers can attack any unit within their range (if they are not engaged, of course).


7. I really, really, really recommend you to check the Corrected Rules for the game, as they clarify some vague texts in the rulebook. I think they will help you in many situations. You can find them here:


8. About Scenario 2 (Paying the Piper) - first, you should know that some scenarios are "tilted" in favor of one side or another, and I believe this is done on purpose. There are some difficult scenarios for Starks, and some difficult scenarios for Lannisters, as you will soon see. I think this adds to the charm of the game - going against the odds and finding solutions (or be lucky) in handicapped position. For more enjoyment, just switch sides and play each scenario with the other faction.


And yes, Lannisters are in a better position in the second scenario, but as there are 6 victory objectives in the scenario, the 4-0 result is not possible. There can not be "neutral" location, it is either in Stark or Lannister control.


I hope I helped, have fun with this wonderful game!

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Hey Ordo Malleus,

I really thank you for your comprehensive answers. You totally helped us out with that.

I've got nothing to ask from now, thanks to you! :)


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This game is freaking awesome! I was already tempted to buy some expansion-packs as well, after my first games. :D

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Cool!...and several of the scenarios, even base/CORE ones, are definitely high in replayability:

#2 "Paying the Piper"

#7 "Rallying the Remnant"...playing this one TODAY!


...have played #5 "Whispering Wood" twice, and both times it came down to the very last round!

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Happy to hear the game is gaining popularity worldwide.  I'm in Toronto Canada and I'm looking to find someone other than my girlfriend to play with (unfortunately my friends are not into board games) so if there is anyone in the GTA who plays please reply cause I am desperate. Thanx, Jack.

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