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Not how to do this 2.

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one of my players wanted a pet.. And bought a Dinko it had been in captivity for a while so it is not wild but far from domesticated.

I let the player use charm to become freindly with the beast and leadership to make the dinko not bite him..

I wanted to make more than 1 check part of the campaign. this it what I came up with. not sure if it will work right.


i'm will let him use these skills:






thought i would do it like this stacking succes:


5succs wont bite player (skill check: any)

8-10 house clean (skill check: charm, xenologi)

15 wont bite freinds (skill check: leadership)

25 direct (minor) (skill check: Survival)

35 (something)

50 full controll 


number of successes required.. skill used.. 

make sense?


not sure how to handle advantages and triumph.

advantages could count as succes or give boost die. and triumph just automatically brings you to the next level.

threat could remove successes or give stress.. despair would make the beast attack you..



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