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I just wanted to take a bit of time to thank you guys for this great community. I understand that 3rd is not the most (if at all) supported rpg at this point, but this forum has helped me time and again. I played a bit of 1st when I was a kid back in the late 80's and then never touched a pen and paper rpg until last December (with 3rd). Me and my buddies started playing boardgames in recent years and it eventually led us to jumping into roleplaying. We were all fans of the Warhammer universe (fantasy and 40k) so we opted for WFRP 3rd edition. I now own everything published except the Edge of Night.

Now 13 sessions in, we are having a blast! I couldn't care less about whoever and whatever negative things have been said about this edition. FFG created a really good product. They tried a lot of novel things and that's what makes it great. Of course some concepts work better than others but that's fine by me. The system and its mechanics are easily adjusted and houseruled without actually affecting the core of what gives the game its excellent and unique essence (or the bulk of what FFG actually created for that matter).

Me and my group are all videogame industry veterans with 12+ years each in the industry. We might not be pen and paper rpg specialits, but we sure know gameplay and game design in general and we have a knack for what creates good mechanics and player agency. We all agree that FFG has something very good and special with 3rd. Sure it's got extra fat, and it's obvious that it could've been playtested more thoroughly. But even with its biggest flaws, the power and magic of this game remains very potent. A proper 4th edition, or .5, or revision, or whatever it is they do with pen and paper rpg's, could really propel this system into the realm of debilitating greatness.

Anyway, thank you for all your dope contributions to this forum. Emirikol, valvorik, Gallows, Yepesnopes, others I forget, you guys are all top notch dudes (or chicks, who knows?). You've helped me so many times either clarifying some rules, giving me ideas, or just entertaining me when I was reading while taking a dump.

Again, thanks!

(Maybe now I'll even start posting real stuff. Who know? I've never subscribed to any forums of any kind before).

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