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A friend's deck - I don't get it either

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So one of the members of my play group tried his first deck today.  He asked me to post it for suggestions and feedback


Rebel Alliance


Hold the Line

To Arms

Hit and Run

Blue Squadron Support

Mission Briefing

Commando Operations x2

Forward Reconaissance

Frozen Refuge

The Rebel Fleet


I'm lost as to the deck.  I think he wants to build a cheap human swarm deck.  Possibly a Rebel Commando theme deck.  Any help would be appreciated

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It seems to lack a lot of focus. I think that if he is looking for rebel characters, then something else would be better. I definitely feel that the core should have Crix' set. I think that a shield deck would be cool with supporting fire and preparation for battle. I definitely think that at least Hit and Run should be removed. Just about anything else would be better.

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