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The Tale of the Scrambled Hamster and the Wicked Dice (session report)

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Last game in the Dagon & Hydra series, Daoloth on the starting blocks vs Michael, Diana, Leo, Minh and Finn. Some awesome equipment (loaded with weapons and an Elder Sign) and an idea in mind: hit first, hit strong, hit until it's over.


Set-up Mythos made me realize there won't be *any* fast hit in this game: 2 monsters arrived by train in the Northside Streets (Crawling One and Ghost), two others decided to go apple-shopping in the Merchant Streets (Dark Young & Goat Spawn), plus some other nastieness guarding the gates. A couple of rounds to clear things up, you said? Good option. Two folks cleaning, the others clue hunting, everything still under control.


Send Minh into the Yuggoth gate, sent Finn with the ES into the Unnamable gate, returned to Arkham both with No One Can Help You Now in play. Leo returned as well, same Environment in play. Non-sense closing Woods and Witch House, so I had to squat and wait.


Definitely not a short game.


Still. The Environment in play was discarded, three seals on the board, doom track under control, and even if the Veil was Weak, I could manage it.


Some ordinary turns of Arkham madness later, I got 6 doomers on the doom track and Finn at Dagon's ready to put the fifth seal on the board but failing the check. Even though Finn had +2 clues, I couldn't spend them to add dice due to the DOR at 4. I wanted him to start cleaning in the next Upkeep, and apart from Dagon no major was open, so I decided to wait.


Monster surge, gates scrambling and everything to do again. At Dagon's returned the nefarious Endless Yuggoth gate, while the Historical Society had the Abyss appearing and Hibb's the double R'lyeh + Abyss gate. The Servitor of the Outer Gods made its appearence, searching for some human snack.


Still, 6 doomers, 4 seals, ain't that bad, right?


Finn moved to Yuggoth, Minh cast Find Gate to accelerate the LiTaS process and here we go again, everybody ready for the final act. The next Mythos bounced, and DOR reached 5.


Minh stirred in her LiTaS slumber, Finn moved to the second half of Yuggoth, the other folks cleared the DOR but Miskatonic Scientists launched a new research ship, and the doom track had a +2 and a rift popped open.


Finn retuned from Yuggoth and sealed (5 seals on the board), Minh entered the Abyss and got delayed.


Next Mythos: Miskatonic Scientists researched anomalies (couldn't they stay home with their families instead?) and found *another* +2 doom AND the open rift moved on the wrong (for me) colour so that in a 2-Mythos time I had 5 doomers added to the doom track. Minh un-delayed but clearly couldn't cast Find Gate to return to Arkham and win the game.


Final Mythos: a gate opened at Marsh Refinery, and Daoloth woke up.


How's the dude in final battle? Still doable, they say, we were loaded with clues and weapons and 5 seals on the board in high / medium frequency locations should have granted us some time and instead we drew three Marsh Refinery in a row, devouring Leo, Minh and Finn in quick succession.


Surviving investigators were able to reduce the doom track to only three doomers but in the end, the AO devoured the last survivors and destroyed Arkham.




It was a fun game. Fun and odd at the same time. I completely dominated the first part of the game, annihilating the board and going for what seemed the smoothest of victories, with Dagon & Hydra pathetically confined into a gigantic aquarium, but then, one single roll fumbled, and we had the apocalypse. I could still have scored an easy victory if Minh wasn't delayed or I hadn't drawn 2 double doomers in a row.


Nonetheless, a lot of fun :) Can't wait to try this again :)

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Joe, last time it ended badly was against Yog-Sothoth on December, 3rd, 2013. Not too much far away, sadly. Need improvement :)


Wolfgar: not so sure of the meaning of "upset" here, sorry. But anyway... it was a fun game :)


There's a slight chance for a rematch tonight, let's see :)

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     Wolfgar's use of "upset" is not one of anger, but often used in sports when describing an unbelievable, and certainly unanticipated loss...i.e. It was quite an upset yesterday when the St. Mary's School, who hasn't won a game all year, beat the Titans 14-7.




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Short update: played the rematch today (so, Tibs, if you see a second entry for Daoloth + Dagon & Hydra under my name, don't erase it, please, it's not a duplicate). Not much to tell: the board was controlled, the AO stirred in an always more agitated slumber while my investigators sealed, and cleaned and stomped on everything. 13 Mythos for a 6-seal cakewalk that pushed the last nail into Dagon & Hydra's coffin.


Next 24-scenario series: AH, DH, KH & Nodens (wanna test properly the new Blessings, plus, I don't mind some games to respite)

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