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New team upgrades

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hello, so when I looked through the new cards I couldn't help but to notice that all the new teams had six upgrades and then it hit me, the old teams all got an additional upgrade :) and that's super awesome and something to really help the teams catch up to their new opponents that can stand back up.


 so, id like to hear every ones favorite team upgrade for their favorite teams, or just their favorite upgrade from the OG, new expansion or both and why. 


mines a bit obvious lol but still I Love the new Skavern upgrade letting them basically have an auto sprint for the turn, I cant quite recall the name of the upgrade but that's what it sorta does where you draw one xtra card at the beginning and discard the last card.  I mean really as a skavern fan I couldn't ask for any more than this one.  I haven't played as the skavern for this upgrade yet, since my group decided from day one(I chose the skavern as my first team and allways lol)  that if I or any one wants to play as them then  we all shall draw from the hat cause its an unfair sprinting and overwhelming advantage.  (not that they are the best but when you get a star player, its almost an auto grab when you use sprint a few times each game especially when you get a free booter to get rid of your linemen) 


so please feel free to state n post your thoughts about the new team upgrades and how they help, hurt, or have no effect to their teams.  and if you think they bring better or worse balance, etc...  lookin forward to hearing everyones thoughts and thanks for reading :)

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Dark Elf - Deathlace  you can down or even injure stronger player


Dwarf - no. no fun cards. but Rigorous Trainning is really good.


Human - Publicity Stuns   near the game end other team chasing fans. but Human can still chasing for star players


Elf - no fun cards


Skaven -

Warp Stone souvenirs , alright you can win the match just let me stand here for 2 fans

Sewer Go Map Tackle then run to another match up

Skaven Blight supporter , I got  7 cards -0- (even I can use only 6)


Undead - strong card but none impress me


Chaos -

Derisive Laughter - weak but I like to make evil laugh when this card take effect

Withering Workout - I got ejected ? no problem I have a new guy

Changer of Plays - Oh you gonna with this super cool highlight ? may be I'll change them to c**p highlight


Orc - Beat Da Points Outta Dem!   go ahead injure them -0-

Vampire - none . but force of will is really good

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