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A question about his shadow:




Text says: Shadow: Search the encounter deck for Troll Camp and add it to the staging area. Then, shuffle the encounter deck.


The question is about the 'then' theme. Like Caleb answered, it is only an effect that triggers if condition is triggered.


Well, the problem was: there weren't Troll Camps in the encounter deck. And we had sent a troll to the bottom of the encounter deck by O Elbereth Gilthonial.




The forum was open :) : i said that we hadn't to shuffle the encounter deck because condition wasn't triggered (no troll camps in encounter deck); but other players said that it was so becasue we tried to search into the encounter deck, so first part was trigered even if no Troll Camps inside.


What do you think? The 'Then...' text was triggered or not?


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It's written in the rule that, whenever you search a card, you should shuffle.


Edit: Or the faq :

(1.21) Search Effects
Whenever a player searches through a deck, that player
shuffles the deck after searching it unless a card effect
says otherwise. Players do not shuffle or change the
order of a discard pile after searching it.


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