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So I have myself and 2 friends wanting to start playing local tournaments and play.


But we only have 2x Core Set.


I realize we COULD just buy a third boxset but its seems sort of a waste to do that just for Death Star Dials and Force cards.


So my question is how picky are most players on this?  Will they loan a Death Star dial for a match to their opponent (and the opposite side's cards) or do I have to blow the $30 on another base set (I suppose I could find someone playing on their own and go half, letting them keep the actual game play cards)


Any thoughts?  I realize this is more a courtesy/rules question than a straight rules question so my bad if it needs to be in another folder.

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You dont need the dial but you need something that can keep track of the dial, just use dice or good ole pen and paper. Keep in mind that BOTH players are responsible for keep track of the dial.


You dont need the force cards, you just need a way to distinguish a unit committed to the force and one that is not.


You will also need something to show who has the balance of the force. This could be as simple as a old sleeve with Dark and Light written on opposite sides of the sleeve.


Also, if you go to regionals, nationals or worlds and you dont have a way to keep track of the dial, the force or who is committed to the force then you might run into someone that has a problem with it.

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