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The Real Comprehensive Rules and Rulings Thread (from Heart Forums)(PLEASE RESTICKY)

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So until a full version can be posted I thought I'd bring this over here
All credit goes to Mr. Dawn and the others mention by Mr. Dawn in his thread.
Hello Kingdom Hearts Community!


With Set 3 releasing in a couple weeks I’ve decided to update this thread with all current FFG Approved Rulings. This will help new players and old alike answer some of the most common rules queries. If there’s anything I’ve missed feel free to let me know in the “Kingdom Hearts Rules Questions” Thread.

Need Help Finding Something in the FAQ? Just hit Control + F and type in a specific word your looking for! ^_^


If you would like to ask a rules question directly to FFG follow this link: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/rulesform.html

In the "Which Game?" drop-down menu, scroll down and select "Kingdom Hearts." Please submit your question in as simple a format as possible.

Thank you to giantbadger, namflow, devilmonkey, FFG Rob and FFG Jaffer for helping answer a lot of these questions!

Updates are in green.

= Added some rulings, changed some, as per the following thread:
- giantbadger (05/19/08 )
= Added a few rulings for Set Two Cards, and put confirmed, official rulings in indented quote boxes. Rulings not in quote boxes are waiting to be confirmed/overruled by FFG staff members. -giantbadger (03/13/08 )
= Added some rulings for Set Two Cards. -giantbadger (03/05/08 )
= Cleaned up some of this post: formatting, typos, and movement of some entries to other headings. -giantbadger (01/22/08 )
= giantbadger has seemingly disappeared so in his absence I will take over the Rules and Rulings Official Thread as best I can, this will become the all in one comprehensive FAQ and hopefully clean up all the stickies in the Rules Discussion Section – WayToTheDawn (10/07/08 )
=Added Equipment and a Dark/Player Section that I'll expand when we get official rulings for them - WayToTheDawn (10/16/08 )
=Big Update. Added a ton of rulings for Set 3, expanded the Dark/Player and Equipment sections. - WayToTheDawn (11/16/08 )



Q: I have a "Level 3 Foil Goofy" and a "Level 3 Non-foil Goofy." Are these considered the same card for purposes of deck building?
A: Yes. You may have three "Level 3 Goofy" Cards, foil or not, in your deck.

Q: Are Attack Cards limited to three copies in my deck?
A: Yes, unless otherwise stated.

Q: Can I include more than one kind of promotional card per deck?
A: Yes, you can. You can have many different kinds of promotional cards per deck, but you are limited to a maximum of 1 copy of each promotional card in your deck.


Q: When receiving bonuses to my Heart Point total, can I go above the amount of my initial Heart Points?
A: Yes. You are allowed to gain Heart Points even if it would take you above your initial Heart Point total.

Q: What happens if I have to draw cards, and I already have six cards on my hand? Do I still draw?
A: Yes. You simply draw six cards at the start of the game. Afterward, there is no limit to the number of cards that you can have in your hand at any one time.

Q: If I Battle the Heartless at my World Card, how do I do damage? Only to one Heartless?
A: No. Unlike other card games, a Battle is not one-on-one. When Battling against Heartless at your World Card, once you have played all of the cards and/or assigned all the Friends you want to the Battle, take the total of all the Attack Values of your Player Card, Friends (including Magic/Friends), and Attack Cards. Then, distribute that as damage among the Heartless as you like.

Q: If I Battle some of the Heartless at my World Card and I don't defeat all of them, do I lose HP?
A: No. If you don't defeat all of the Heartless in one turn at your World Card, you do not lose HP as a result. However, some Heartless cards can specifically cause you to lose HP at other times ("Wyvern" and "Pirate"), so be careful.

Q: What Happens if I run out of cards in my deck? Do I lose the game?
A: No. You simply Reshuffle your discard pile back into your deck and continue playing.


Q: If 3 "Wyvern" and/or "Pirate" cards are on your World Card at the end of the Discard Phase and you are going have your HP reduced by 3 from them, can a "Level X Ariel" (or 3 in this particular case) prevent the entire Heart Point loss?
A: Yes, because the loss is applied at the same time at the end of the Discard Phase, "Level X Ariel" (again 3 in this case) can prevent all of that loss.

Q: Do Friends directly add their Attack Value to your Player Card, or do they add their damage on their own? (i.e. cards like "Wight Knight" that read "Damage to the card from the opponent's player card and attack cards is reduced to 0")
A: Friend Cards are considered to be attacking with the Player Card to give a total Attack Value. The damage value from you or your opponents Player Card is not counted against the particular Dark/Heartless card in question ("Wight Knight"). (i.e. "Level 2 Sora" has an attack value of 5. If your opponent plays one copy of "Wight Knight" on your world card and you try and attack it with just your "Sora" player card, your Attack Value is reduced to 0. If you had "Level 1 Goofy" with an Attack Value of 4 in play as a friend card and you add him to the Battle, your total Attack Value would be 4 against the "Wight Knight" due to the fact that your Attack Value from "Sora" is reduced to 0.)

Q: Can I discard Friend Cards from play whenever I want?
A: No. Unless there is a specific reason for you to discard a Friend Card from play, such as the result of a Battle or Challenge, or discarding it due to playing a higher level of that Friend, or as the result of a card effect, you may not discard Friend Cards from play.

Q: If I only have one Friend in play, can I still play the next level of that same Friend?
A: Yes, you can. You will have to discard the lower level of that Friend before you put the higher-level Friend into play. You may also replace a higher level friend with a lower level version if you wish (i. e. - Replacing Donald level 4 with Donald level 3)

Q: Can "Simba" be chosen as the friend to be discarded when his power takes effect?
A: Yes. You can choose to satisfy "Simba's" Proud Roar with the "Simba" card you used to activate it.

Q: Can I play "Simba" if I cannot discard the full amount of characters required by the card?
A: Yes. If you do not have the required amount of Friends or Magic/Friends that "Simba" would discard, you can still play "Simba" and just discard as many cards as you are able.

Q: Is the damage dealt by a Magic/Friend Card considered to be Magic damage, such as for the purposes of defeating a "Gargoyle?"
A: No. Damage dealt by a Magic/Friend Card is not Magic damage.

Q: If I lose a Challenge, can I use the effect of "Ariel" to negate the 1 HP loss?
A: If "Ariel" is not participating in the Challenge, you can use the effect to discard her from play to negate 1 HP loss as a result of losing a Challenge. If "Ariel" is participating in the Challenge, the effect can't be used. This is due to "Ariel" being discarded as a basic rule for participating in a Challenge, and by the time the effect can be used, it's too late.

Q: If I play a "Level 4 Genie" or "Level 4 Donald," can I search my deck for a Magic/Friend Card? Or can I only search for just a Magic Card?
A: You can search for a Magic/Friend Card. Magic/Friend Cards, while in your hand, deck or discard pile; they are treated as Magic Cards. While in play, they are considered to be Friend Cards.

Q: If I play a "Level 4 Genie," do I have to show the Magic Card to my opponent?
A: Yes, you must show it to your opponent to verify that you have indeed searched for a Magic Card.

Q: If I have a "Dumbo" in play and so does my opponent, what happens?
A: The effect of both "Dumbo" cards stack together, and the POW of each Heartless in play is reduced by 2 (1 for each "Dumbo").

Q: Since the effect of "Dumbo" says "Blizzard Effect," does that mean all Heartless lose 2 POW at the "Deep Jungle" World Card?
A: Yes. Dumbo's effect will be doubled at "Deep Jungle."

Q: If I have a "Leon" in play and I play a "Simba," what happens to "Leon?" Could I choose to keep him in play, and not discard anything?
A: "Leon" can't be discarded except as the result of a Battle or Challenge. This will mean that you must choose to keep him in play if at all possible, which may mean that you will have to choose to discard "Simba."

Q: If I have a “Leon” in play and I play “Simba level 4” can I choose to keep another friend and Leon won’t be effected?
A: No. You must choose Leon as the one friend to keep.

Q: If I have an "Alice" in play with a "Leon", can I choose Leon and nothing will happen?
A: No, he is unaffected my Alice and thus, another friend would have to be discarded

Q: Can Leon cast Gravity if he is the only friend in play?
A: Yes. You do not have to fulfill every aspect of the card to play it.

Q: How does "King Triton" work? Does it stay Level 1 when in play?
A: "King Triton" is treated as a Level 1 for the purposes of putting it into play from your hand. In other words, you could play "King Triton" if you had no Friends in play. After "King Triton" is in play, he will be treated as his printed Level of 2.

Q: Is the effect of "Mushu" doubled on a World Card that doubles Fire effects?
A: Yes. The amount of Support Power will be doubled, but the HP loss will not be.

Q: When can friend effects be used? (i.e. Tidus, Zero, Chip and Dale)
A: Only during your turn for effects like Tidus or Chip and Dale. In terms of cards like Ariel or Zero their effects involve a conditional statement and will go off when a specific event occurs in the game.

Q: When choosing who to discard for Alice's effect, can you choose a Magic/Friend or The King or do they become discarded before you choose?
A: Magic/Friends and "The King" are discarded before "Alice's" effect kicks in and thus cannot be chosen to be discarded.

Q: If I choose to discard "Aerith" due to "Alice's" effect, does that discard any "Cloud's" in play?
A: Yes. Choosing Aerith as the target for Alice's effect, while Cloud is in play, also discards Cloud.

Q: When can I choose to activate the effect of "Yuffie?"
A: You can activate the effect of "Yuffie" at any point in which she would be discarded. This includes Escaping, as the result of Battle or a Challenge, playing another "Yuffie," or the effects of cards such as "Simba", "Alice" and Magic Cards.

Q: When I summon a Magic/Friend during the challenge is its support added immediately or is it summoned to my friend area first?
A: It is immediately added to the challenge, support and all.

Q: Can "Merlin" negate Magic/Friends as well?
A: Yes and No. Magic/Friend cards as they are being played for their "Comes into Play" effect still count as Magic Cards and can therefore be cancelled by discarding Merlin before they enter the Friend Area. Once their "Comes into play" effect has triggered, they become Friends and enter the Friend Area. Magic/Friends that do not have a "comes into play" effect (i.e. Mushu, Dumbo) immediately become regular friends and cannot be negated by Merlin.

Q: Can you use Hercules’ effect to bounce Dark Cards that you have played on your opponent’s World Card?
A: Yes.


Q: If I have a Friend Card with a Magic Value of 4, does that mean I can only play 2 Magic Cards each with a Magic requirement of 2?
A: No. As long as a Friend Card you have in play has a Magic Value of equal to or greater than Magic Cards you wish to play, that Friend can play any number of Magic Cards per turn.

Q: Can I total up the Magic Values of two or more Friend and/or Player Cards for the purpose of playing a Magic Card? For example, if my Player Card has a Magic Value of 1 and a Friend has a Magic Value of 2, can I play a Level 3 Magic Card?
A: No. A Magic Card can only be played through the Magic Value of a single Player Card or Friend Card.

Q: Can Magic Cards do damage to the HP of my opponent's Player Card?
A: No. Magic Cards that do damage can be used in two ways. (1) They can do damage directly to Dark Cards, such as "Heartless" Cards. (2) When used during a Challenge, the damage that a Magic Card would do instead increases your Attack Value total for determining who wins the Challenge. (For example, if you played a "Fire" Magic Card during a Challenge, it would increase your total Attack Value by 4 (the damage value of the Magic Card.) For more information on this, see the following article:


Q: In regards to Magic Cards increasing Attack Value during a Challenge, if I am at a World Cards that doubles the damage done by a Magic Card (such as "Agrabah"), is amount of the increase to Attack Value also doubled?
A: Yes. World Cards that double the values of Magic Cards also doubles the amount of Attack Value when used in a Challenge.

Q: When I use "Stopga," can I discard my opponent's World Cards?
A: No. You must discard your own.

Q: Can I play Aero if I have no cards in hand?
A: Yes, as you do not have to satisfy all of the cards text to play it.

Q: Who chooses to discard first when casting Gravity?
A: The caster chooses first.

Q: For Aerora and Aeroga, if you have no cards in your hand after playing this card, do you still get the effect?
A: No. Discarding cards for Aerora or Aeroga is an additional cost.



Q: I want to play an Attack Card that has an effect that allows me to play two at the same time for an increased effect. At first, I only play one. If I play another of the same card later on in a Battle or Challenge, will I get the bonus effect?
A: No. If you want to apply the bonus effect for Attack Cards, you must play all of the stated Attack Cards at once.

Q: Does Olympia get rid of a friend card?
A: No, because that friend was already "in play" before the challenge phase and friends are not played in a challenge, they are just moved up.

Q: What happens when I play "Metal Chocobo?" How does its effect work?
A: When you play "Metal Chocobo," you can choose to return it to your hand at the end of the phase in which you played it. In this case, it will not have been considered to be discarded.

Q: My opponent plays multiple Attack Cards (because of the effect of the Attack Card, i.e. "Pumpkinhead"), and then I play "Olympia," does only one of my opponent's cards or all of them get discarded?
A: All of them will be discarded.


Q: Do the terms "Dark" and "Heartless" refer to the same thing?
A. Dark is the umbrella term that refers to both Heartless and Villains.

Q: During a Challenge, are the effects of Heartless in play, such as "Sea Neon" (No player can play Attack Cards), applied?
A: Yes. Even during a Challenge, the effects of Heartless in play are applied.

Q: If 3 "Wyvern" and/or "Pirate" cards are on your World Card at the end of the Discard Phase and you are going to have your HP reduced by 3 from them, would the Heart Point loss come all at once or one at a time?
A: The Heart Point loss is subtracted from your total all at once.

Q: What happens after I play all of the parts of "Guard Armor?" Does it count as 1 Dark Card on a World, or 3?
A: "Guard Armor" (when played with Arms and/or Legs) only counts as 1 card when being played. Afterward, it counts itself separately for the purposes of determining how many Dark Cards are at a World. So, on a Dark Limit 3 World, if you played all the parts of "Guard Armor" first, no other Dark Cards would be played there afterward, as "Guard Armor" will then be considered to be 3 cards.

Q: My opponent has a World Card with a Dark Limit of 3, and I have already played two Dark Cards to it. Can I play a "Guard Armor" with other parts, even though it will count as 2 (or 3) cards?
A: Yes, you can. The Dark Limit on a World Card only applies as a restriction to the number of cards that could be played there when you decide to attach a Dark Card to it. If the number changes afterward, that is fine.

Q: When playing a Heartless by the effect of "Aqua Tank," are there any restrictions on what I can play? Can I play a Heartless of any level?
A: The Heartless that is played through "Aqua Tank" must still conform to any play restrictions, such as the current Level Limit and Dark Limit.

Q: I have "Guard Armor (Arm)" and "Guard Armor (Leg)" in my hand, and play an "Aqua Tank." I choose to play a "Guard Armor (Body)" through the effect of "Aqua Tank." Can I play the Arm and Leg along with the Body, even though I didn't play the Body from my hand?
A: Yes, you can. With "Aqua Tank," the Heartless is "played," and thus the Arm and/or Leg of "Guard Armor" can be played along with the Body.

Q: For "Air Soldier," how do I go about defeating it?
A: During a Battle, you must apply damage to the "Air Soldier" first. If you apply damage at least equal to its POW, you may then distribute any remaining damage as you see fit -- even during the same Battle.

Q: What if there are more than one Air Soldiers on my world?
A: All Air Soldiers must be defeated before any other damage can be carried over to other Dark Cards. An example would be 2 Air Soldiers and a Behemoth. You attack with Mer-Sora + Oblivion + Donald lvl 3 + Beast lvl 1 for a total of 26. 7 damage must be applied to the first Air Soldier, leaving you with 19. 7 more must be applied to the second Air Soldier leaving 12. Now the remaining 12 can be carried over to the Behemoth.

Q: If a Friend is captured by "Parasite Cage," it will be returned when "Parasite Cage" is defeated. However, what happens when "Parasite Cage" is discarded or returned to a player's hand by another effect? What happens when I Escape?
A: The Friend Card is discarded, and is not returned to the player it was captured from. In the event of an Escape, the Friend is discarded.

Q: If I defeat a "Parasite Cage" through the damage of a Magic Card, will the captured Friend be returned to me?
A: Yes.

Q: If a Friend is captured by "Parasite Cage," can I play other Friends on the same name?
A: No. In order to play another Friend of the same name, you would have to discard your Friend of the same name you have in play. However, you have lost control of the Friend captured by "Parasite Cage," and can't choose to discard that Friend.

Q: If my Friend was captured by "Parasite Cage" and I initiate a Battle against it with "Peter Pan" participating, does my Friend return because the effect of "Parasite Cage" is negated?
A: No. The effect of capturing a Friend is only activated when "Parasite Cage" is first played -- it is not an ongoing effect. Even if "Peter Pan" participates in a Battle against it, the Friend will not be returned.

Q: Are cards caught by Parasite Cage effected by outside scenarios? (i.e. Villains or Simba)
A: If it refers to a particular card name, such as villains, then yes they will be affected, otherwise no.

Q: Does Parasite Cage's effect remove the Friend from the field in terms of use for Pot Spider and Clayton?
A: Yes it does. The friend is technically removed from play while captured.

Q: If a have "Peter Pan" participate in a Battle with a "Behemoth," does that mean the effect of "Behemoth" is negated, and I can Battle with Friends of my choice?
A: No, you can't. The effect of "Behemoth" says "When the player who controls the World Card where this card is placed chooses to battle against this card, all Friend and/or Magic/Friend Cards he/she controls that are able to battle this card must do so," and the effect of "Peter Pan" says "While this card is taking part in a battle, each Dark/Heartless Card that participates in the battle loses its card text." For effect activation, "Behemoth" is first, as a player that says "I will Battle" must automatically have all his or her Friends participate in the Battle. In other words, the effect of "Behemoth" activates right before the Battle, while the effect of "Peter Pan" only activates during a Battle.

Q: I’ve played my Level 8 Captain Hook on my opponents Level 6 World Card by using Jack Skellington’s (lvl.2) effect, if Jack leaves play do I have to discard Hook since his level goes back up to 8?
A: No, Hook will stay. The world level only applies to playing a Dark Card, not ones that have already been played.

Q: Will the effect of "Peter Pan" negate the HP loss I would receive from Dark Cards, such as "Pirate" and/or "Wyvern?"
A: No. The effect of "Peter Pan" only works during Battle or a Challenge, and thus will not stop the HP loss.

Q: When can you activate the Creeper Plant effect? When he's in your friend area? On your world? or from your hand?
A: It has to be in play, either in your Friend Area or placed on a World Card, before you can discard it for its effect.

Q: How does Tornado Step's effect work if it comes across a Disney Castle or a Hundred Acre Wood in the opponent's world stack?
A: The abilities of World Cards below any player's top World Card are void, therefore, the Tornado Step could move through Disney Castle or Hundred Acre Wood.
Q: Does a friend that is taken by Parasite Cage while Monstro is on the field stop you from playing another friend?
A: No. "any 'captured' Friend or Magic Friend is not considered to be in any player's Friend Area". This applies to when a Parasite Cage captures a friend and is played on a world and when a Parasite Cage is played as a Dark Friend and itself counts as a Friend in a friend area.

Q: What happens when you use Trickmaster's effect when he is on a Wonderland LV2?
A: Trickmaster only works with fire magic so it would have to be on a world that doubles fire. Yes, it is doubled.

Q: Does Peter Pan negate Barrel Spider?
A: No,the entire action you are taking is the battle. Thus the spider will be eliminated before the battle is over and peter's controller suffers no damage


Q: Can I have multiple copies of the same World Card into play, say, two Level 3 "Traverse Towns?"
A: Yes.

Q: When I have 13 Levels worth of World Cards in play, does my opponent get another turn?
A: No. You win the instant you have 13 levels worth of World Card in play.

Q: When exactly are you considered to be occupying or "on" a World?
A: In the rulebook it says that all friend cards are with the player card on the topmost world. Also, when during the Challenge phase, as the Player initiating the Challenge, you move to your opponent's top World Card.

Q: What happens when I play the "Level 1 Halloween Town?" Does its effect replace the 1 HP I get for moving, or in addition?
A: The effect of the "Level 2 Halloween Town" is in addition to the 1 HP you gain from Moving. Taking the effect into account, you could either gain 0 HP or 2 HP for moving to it.

Q: About "Level 3 Wonderland," does the drawback apply to both players?
A: No. The text about not being able to play certain cards at "Level 3 Wonderland" only applies to the player that played the "Level 3 Wonderland." His or her opponent is still able to attach Dark Cards to that World.

Q: Can I play Halloween Town Level 3 if I have no cards in hand?
A: Yes. Again, you do not have to satisfy all of the card’s text to play it.

Q: Does Deep Jungle Level 3 bring up negative Friend Support to zero as well?
A: Yes

Q: How do doubling worlds work?
A: The damage multiplier works as thus: The first “Fire” is doubled to 8 damage, the second “Fire” damage tripled to 12, and the third quadrupled to 16.

Q:: Does Atlantica lvl 3 mean sacrificing from the hand or field
A: Field, if it was from the hand it would have been mentioned on the card like HAW or Pinocchio


Q: Can you equip more than one equipment to the same friend?
A: No you cannot. Only one equipment is allowed per friend, unless stated otherwise.

Q: In terms of Magic Carpet/Smasher/Save The King/Hercs Sheild Does "forced" just mean "when it's discarded"?
A: "Forced" means discarded from play by the effects of cards like "Simba", "Gravity", or "Monstro", for example. Being discarded from play after a Battle or Challenge would not trigger Magic Carpet/Smasher/Save The King/Herc's Shield. A forced discard could occur during the Action Phase or Challenge Phase.

On the other hand, Magic Lamp would only trigger if the Genie was discarded from the Friend Area either by a "force" effect like "Simba" or by simply being discarded during the Discard Phase because of the Magic/Friend rule. If Genie was discarded during a Challenge, Magic Lamp would not trigger.

Q: How does Deep Jungle Level 3 work with Wakka and Equipment? Does it negate all support or just the base value?
A: You apply the modifiers in play first and then the modifier of Deep Jungle. Therefore, with or without Wakka or Equipment, the Support Value would drop (or rise) to 0.

Q: I have a "Goofy" in play equipped with a "Herc's Shield". Can I discard the Shield instead of Goofy when choosing for "Alice's" effect?
A: You can.


Q: Can Dark Riku use Soul Eater?
A: Yes he can.

Q: Do Magic Cards and Dumbo effect Dark Friends?
A: The answer is yes. However, the amount of damage required to eliminate a Dark Friend is equal to their original POW. Therefore, a Screwdriver played as a Dark Friend has Support Value +6 and POW 12 and 12 damage is needed to eliminate it.

In addition, Magic cards such as Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder, can be used during Challenges to, if possible, eliminate a participating Dark Friend from a Challenge.

Therefore, if Dark Riku is using a Bouncy Wild (+2, 5) in a Challenge and Level 1 Donald Duck casts Fira on it, it is eliminated from the Challenge and discarded.

Q: Do Magic Cards and Dumbo effect Dark/Players?
A: No

Q: Does the +X POW effects from Shadow/Green Requiem affect the dark/heartless cards before or after their POW support has been halved and rounded down? (Same with Queen of Hearts and villain cards)
A: The in play modifiers apply first and then POW is halved to provide Support Value. Therefore, I have a Green Requiem on my opponents world which is an End of the World. I play Jafar. Jafar's Support value is (17+3) / 2 = 10. POW is still 20.

Q: Does Parasite Cage's effect work when played as a Dark/Friend?

Q: When using Parasite Cage's effect as a Friend, does your opponent still control that card?
A.) Yes, your opponent still controls that card and thus cannot play a Friend of the same name until the Parasite Cage is defeated. The only compensation is that Parasite Cage is a Level 7 Dark Friend and is thus difficult to play.

Also, if a Friend is underneath a Parasite Cage in your opponent's Friend Area and you escape from your top World, you do not lose the Friend in the Parasite Cage. It is not on the World you just escaped from.

Q: Does Traverse Town Level 3 give my Dark/Friends a +1 Boost?
A: Yes it does.

Q: Does my opponent lose two attack while challenging me on Hollow Bastion level 3?
A: No. That only applies to Dark Cards actually placed on the World Card in an effort to block the player from placing their next World.

Q: Does my opponent gain two attack while challenging me on Olympus Colliseum level 1?
A:No. That only applies to Dark Cards actually placed on the World Card in an effort to help the player place their next World.



Q: Are Japanese-language Kingdom Hearts cards allowed to be used in sanctioned tournaments?
A: No. Japanese-language Kingdom Hearts cards are not allowed in official tournaments sanctioned by Fantasy Flight Games.

Q: I am confused as to which value on the promo cards are Attack and Magic.
A: The upper number in blue is Attack Value and the lower number is the Magic Value. You cannot use the example in the rulebook because it does not specify the purple background at all and it is a different format than the one given in the example of the cards.

Q: Can Tournament Organizers participate in tournaments and get promotional materials?
A: At this time, yes.

Q: Is there an official means of determining a winner in a tied-timed tourney match?
A: In the event of a tie in a timed match, the winner will be determined by the participant with the highest total of heart points plus levels of revealed world cards in play.

Q: For deck construction purposes, will we be allowed a sideboard (a number of extra cards which, after rounds, you can add to your deck and remove others to alter your original deck build)?
A: Kingdom Hearts TCG does not use sideboards.


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So I have received an official ruling on a question that's been bugging me since we moved here...

Q: What happens when you use Trickmaster's effect when he is on a Wonderland LV2?

A: Trickmaster only works with fire magic so it would have to be on a world that doubles fire. Yes, it is doubled.

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tonybam14 said:

Q:when chesire cat is in play how does his effect work with dark cards on the world?

It just adds another heartless spot, when he's taking off the field if you have that +1 Heartless it stays until defeated

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 if there is a berrel spider lv 3 on my world and i play Jack Lv 3 (lowers heartless 3 level) does the barrel spider get discarded???

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BDC said:

 if there is a berrel spider lv 3 on my world and i play Jack Lv 3 (lowers heartless 3 level) does the barrel spider get discarded???


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demonofturks said:

Can you clarify if I use magic against a Behemoth, if it counts as "battling him". I don't think it does.



As long as you cast that magic outside of the battle phase, then no.  

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WayToTheDawn said:

demonofturks said:


Can you clarify if I use magic against a Behemoth, if it counts as "battling him". I don't think it does.





As long as you cast that magic outside of the battle phase, then no.  

Yay! I've always gotten into arguments protecting that point.

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