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Beating the drums (session report)

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New game played today, Chaugnar Faugn helped by Dagon and Hydra tried to stop the sacred ride of Jacqueline, Patrice, Lola, Vincent and George. AH, KH, IH and MH in play, and a huge doubt: will the celestial fury of two of the strongest investigators in the Arkham galaxy be enough to counter Hopeless Vincent and Useless George?


Starting equipment was neither good nor bad, and the first two Mythos an utter delight: both Independence Square and Unvisited Isle opened, which meant huge chances to have monster surges triggering Dagon due to Outskirts overfilling, and even more consistent chances of having the DOR going crazy throughout the game or having some seal bursting away.


But anyway, I couldn't leave those open so that Lola holywaterized the Dark Young guarding the Square and entered Another Dimension, while Jacq rented the Brazier of Souls from Patrice, dusted the Skeleton guarding the Isle and entered Yuggoth. Others went clue hunting (including Patrice, forced out of the Curiosity Shoppe due to a mythical Blackout).


Mythos 1: Mistrust. Ugh. Drawn early in a 5p game, it's almost impossible to pass. Penalties for failing it are not game-ending, but they are still incredibly tough so that Jacq used 2 clues to discard that Mythos (always liked the gal). Replacement Mythos opened a gate at Devil Reef. Yay. Byakee emerging and moving to the Sky.


So that I had speedy George moving to Innsmouth and stopping at the Train Station hoping for Bill. Here we go, free ride to Falcon Point, sir, and some interesting facts about life all for free. Otherwordly ladies moved to second area, Jacq got the Yuggoth special encounter forcing her to take the card and add clues on the card for each new gate opening (at 5 clues, the owner of the card is devoured) and clearly...


...Mythos 2: Plans in Motion (ok, seriously, what's wrong with the deck today?). Double doomer plus a lot of nastiness countered by Jacq again (I guess this could have been an incredibly short game without Jacq. Uh, wait, it has been short regardless...)


In a very short time, a gate opened at Marsh Refinery, another one at the Esoteric Order of Dagon, then Woods + surge from the Woods. Jacq and Lola sealed their gates, George returned and sealed Devil Reef and was summoned back to Falcon Point by Patrice while the others were fighting against an open rift.


Poor Vincent (really, *the* hopeless guy) got cursed at the Historical Society and, unable to enter the Woods because of a Deep One he couldn't defeat (even full health Vincent would have had problems) he moved to Hibb's' double gate and entered again Another Dimension.


Ursula replaced devoured Jacqueline and started from the gate at Dagon's, and George astral travelled to Marsh to venture to Leng. Lola entered Dagon as well (another Unerworld was open at the Science Building)


The terrible experiment arrived, with Vincent getting rid of his curse during the Upkeep and gaining a Blessing from a stranger who wanted 3 of his clues (sure, be my guest, with Patrice having another 23, 3 ain't a big number)


So, 4 investigators currently in OWs, 3 seals on the board.


Gate burst at Devil Reef (yay). Still, enough resources to kill the game (even though 2 seals with 7 doomers on the track are no easy business).


Blessed Vincent returned and sealed Hibb's. Ursula returned and sealed the Science Building. Four seals again, and Lola and George about to return to Arkham.


Mythos forced investigators to not spend clues to add dice to skill checks. Hmmm. Both Lola and George returned and they both failed their checks to close the gates.


Now, a total unpleasant situation: 7 monsters on the Terrible Experiment and NOBODY able to reach it to defeat at least one of them (Ursula previously dived into the R'lyeh gate as soon as possible, with the idea of using the Key of Tawil At'Umr and return the following round). And clearly, it's not a rumor you want to fail with Dagon in play.


So, Ursula returned with the Key, and with Lola and George had to put two seals down in this very round or the game would have been lost.


I never had to roll for Ursula, the first two were enough.


Victory by sealing gates in 11 Mythos (DOR: 4, Terror: 0, Doom on the doom track: 7)

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     The fact that you finish games in 11 turns tells me we could have finished a game between dinner and the dessert tray :lol: 


     Love the write-up, and hands-down, the best newly-designed verb used in past tense goes to...holywaterized!




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:laughter: glad you liked the report, Joe :)


(and it's 9 turns actually, 11 Mythos comprehend the 2 setup cards... but yeah, basically the game lasted more or less 1h30')

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