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Doppelganger at Night

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If you face the Doppelganger (exact stats as character) at night, would the creature get +1 to his combat roll (disrupting the "mirror" image), or would he be exactly equal to the player even including the nighttime factor?


In other words, does the nighttime bonus get ignored because it's a Doppelganger?



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From the core rulebook:


"The total of the creature’s attack roll and Strength is the creature’s attack score."


From the Blood Moon Rulesheet:


"During the Night, each creature adds 1 to its attack score during battle and psychic combat."
This means the creature adds 1 to its attack score after the attack rolls are made. Therefore in your scenario the Doppelganger fights with the exact same Strength as the character it is fighting. The night time factor is added when the results are totalled.
(Jon we posted virtually together!)
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