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Rendar's Wrath and Shielding????

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So here is an interesting query. What comes first... Rendar's Wrath reaction or Shielding  card ability?




When a card with the “Shielding” keyword is declared 
as either attacker or defender, its controller may 
immediately place one shield token on any friendly 
unshielded participating unit, or to the engaged objective 

card, if unshielded.  


-Star Wars : TCG Podcast

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Someone recently posted on cardgamedb


And here's the answer on the protect vs deflection and shielding vs Rendar's Wrath timing:

Protect is a replacement effect for when you actually try and place the damage token on the original target. The Interrupt on Lightsaber Deflection happens when you assign the damage, Protect interrupts when you go to actually place the damage on the target. As such, Lightsaber Deflection would happen first.

To the other case: Shielding is "When a unit with shielding is declared..." and Rendar's Wrath is "After an opponent..." Temporilly, 'when' comes before 'after,' so Shielding would happen first.

Erik Dahlman
Associate LCG Designer
Fantasy Flight Games

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Yep, that was me.  I'm not sure what to make of the "temporarily" part of the response... I'm assuming that means it may be undergoing further consideration.


You'll notice "Temporilly" is misspelled.


I believe Erik was trying to say, "in terms of timing", "of or relating to timing", or "temporally", the word "When" occurs before "After."


Hope that clears it up.

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