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the Whizzard walks by...

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hey all Moses here. Okay i posted my first Corp build i also did a runner build. this is my Anarch "Whizzard" deck.


Anarch "Whizzard"


1x Joshuah B. (AN)
1x Kati Jones (GEN)
1x Xanadu (AN)
1x Ice Carver (AN)
1x Mr. Li (CRIM) = 2 influence
3x Daily Casts (GEN)
3x Liberated Accounts (AN)


2x Infiltration (GEN)
2x Vamp (AN)
1x Stimhack (AN)
2x Blackmail (GEN)
1x Demolition run (AN)
2x Deja Vu (AN)
2x Inside Job (CRIM) = 6 influence
1x Test Run (SHA) = 3 influence
3x Sure Gamble (GEN)


2x Datasucker (AN)
2x Coroder (AN)
1x Imp (AN)
2x Medium (AN)
2x Darwin (AN)
2x Mimic (AN)
2x Yog.0 (AN)


2x Lemuria Codecracker (CRIM) = 2 influence
2x Plascrete Carapace (GEN)
1x the ToolBox (SHA) = 2 influence

TOTAL = 45/12

any tweaks or suggestions are welcomed.

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Too many 1x resources.  Focus them down to 2x or 3x.


With no way to give bad pub, 2x Blackmail is heavily meta dependant.  Unless you can be fairly sure the local corps will be taking bad pub, swap it out.


3x Cyberfeeder would be more consistant and less influence than 1x Toolbox for feeding Darwin.


Inside Job is a lot of influence; E3 Implants might be more effective in the long run with Darwin.


Also for Darwin, Surge.

Edited by Dunhere

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