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Most powerful units by faction

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I've always been a sucker for big, strong units in CCG's/TCG's/LCG's.  Often, however, they aren't too good (too expensive, slow to get into play, etc).  WI somewhat addresses this, as I see many builds with a few big powerful units, which makes me happy.


What would you consider to be the "best" large unit/legend for each faction?  Taking into consideration strength, usability, effect on game-state/ board position, good in many builds or superb in a deck build around the card, etc.


(I'm pretty much a neophyte at WI, but have exp w/ other CG's.)


From what I've seen on browsing decks and reading forums, I can throw out a few ideas:


Empire: Friedrich Hemmler 

High Elves: Star Dragon 

Dwarves: Duregan Thorgrimson (?) King Kazador (?)

Lizardmen: ?

Wood Elves: ?

Chaos: Kairos Fateweaver (?)

Orcs: Grimgor Ironhide

Dark Elves: ?

Undead: Wight Lord

Skaven: ?



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Ok, so legend or unit. What is your definition of large? High cost? High cost doesn't mean that they are more powerful, but I'll try with unit cost 4+ and every legend.


EMP: Hemmler for sure, but considering his restriction you might see Ludwig Schwarzheim, Wilhelm of the Osterknacht or Solomon Pomer in his deck space sometimes. Legend: Saw ok decks with Karl Franz, Balthasar Gelt and Kurt Helborg.


HE: Rarely uses big stuff: Star Dragon yes, maybe Bladelord, Great Fire Dragon, but i don't see those 3 being competetive. Legend: Did not see any Eltharion decks in a while, but a build around Alith Anar should still be working well!


DWA: Kazador, Thane, Duregan, Tunnel Fighter, not to forget Serpent Slayer all crazy good especially with Development sacrifices and Stand your Ground. Legends: Too expensive or not viable. Maybe some fun builds.


Lizardmen: Chakax, Carnosaur Rider

Woodelves: Forest Dragon

While i don't consider neither Lizardmen nor Woodelves being competitive.


Chaos: Builds with Summons of Chaos often use Shaggoth Champion, Bloodthirster, Lord of Change or Chaos Dragon but otherwise they are not that great. Orcs often use those for Rip dere Eads off. Legends: Kairos is still ok.


Orcs: Grimgor Ironhide! Sometimes High Mountain Troll. Legend: Wurrzag!


DE: Rarely use big stuff, Toxic Hydra is pretty strong, Cold One Champion gets used once in a while. Legend: Crone!


Undead: Wight Lord, Blood Dragon Knight

Skaven: Deathmaster Sniktch

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Agree with most of them...

Just a few cards I'd like to add:


HE: Descendant of Indraugnir

Lizardmen: Frenzied Carnosaur (!)

Orcs: Arachnarok Spider (I personally prefer it over High Mountain Troll because of the feared keyword)

Undead: Abyssal Terror, Dark Acolyte (very good with orcs)

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How about some other higher cost units/heroes and legends that may not be exactly at the top of the competitive-killer-cards list but are still viable playing options.  For instance, if there are four tiers, with the first being what was mentioned about above and perhaps others (the best), the 2nd tier being solid choices for decks, the third tier being cards that are limited in use or that are overshadowed by better choices, and the last, the fourth tier, being the poor cards that are really not good and rarely if ever see play.


What cards would fit into that 2nd tier?  For example, I've always liked Archaon as a character from the WF background, and see him in more decks than I thought I would on deck box (though I realize that may not make him great).  Would you all consider him a 2nd or 3rd tier character?  He's certainly resource heavy, but has a big impact when played.  Is he almost a win-more card?  With many of the expensive legends I feel like they can really use Descendant of Gods to fully come into their own, but then that's more resources and another card you have to draw/play.


What is the opinion on cards like heroes: Bule, Greyseer Thanquol, Illyriel, Madtoof Ironleg, Johannes Broheim, Malus Darkblade, The Changeling, Skarsnick and Globba, and units: Bloodletter, Boargut Facebeater, Bray Shaman, Centigor, Daemonslayer, Dark Sorceress, Enraged Varghulf, Grail Knight, Lilea, Mountain Brigade, Mounted Marauders, Orc Warboss, Pegasus Knight, Rat Ogres, Runeblades, Skulltaker, Son of Grungi, Spearhost of Asuryan, Swords of Chaos, Bloodcrusher, Priests of Sigmar, Rieksgard Swordsmen, Shaggoth, Spawn of Kintearer, War Hydra, Winged Riders of Kislev, Wolf Chariot, Great Unclean One, Keeper of Secrets, Monster of the Deep, Spawn of Sulekh, and Legends like: Grom the Paunch, Malekith, Sigvald the Magnificent, Skarbrand, Teclis, and Tyrion.


These are some cards that have caught my eye as I've opened packs and searched databases.  Anyone care to weigh in on some cards strengths or "tiers"?


Thanks much!

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