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"My" New Design

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Hello all, My name is Moses. i am a old school player from the CCG. i have purchased CORE, the C&C, and a lot of data packs. so i am almost up to date with my card base... missing some promos and such.

so after looking over FFG rule sets for deck contruction, i would like some opinions on  "My" Next Design 1.0


HB Next Design 45/12





1x Director Haas Pet Project 3/1
3x Accelerated Beta Test 3/2
1x Sentinel Defense Program 4/2
3x Priority Requisitions 5/3
1x Mandatory Upgrades 6/2





1x Archer (W) = 2 influence
1x Toll Booth (NBN) =2 influence
2x Victor1.0 (HB)
2x Wall of Static (GEN)
2x Enigma (GEN)
2x Bastion (GEN)
2x Ichi 1.0 (HB)
1x Ichi 2.0
1x Heimdall 1.0
2x Heimdall 2.0
1x Wotan
1x Janus 1.0





1x Subliminal Messaging (GEN)
2x Closed Accounts (NBN) = 2 influence
2x Blue Level Clearance (HB)
1x Scorched Earth (W) = 4 Infuence
3x Hedge Funds (GEN)
2x Restructure (GEN)





1x SNARE! (JIN) = 2 influence
2x Melange Mining Corp. (GEN)
2x Pad Campaign (GEN)
3x Adonis Campaign (HB)





1x ASH 2X3ZB9CY (HB)
1x Strongbox (HB)
1x Tyr's Hand (HB)



Total is 49 / 12






so the thought process behind this was to keep the agendas kinda risky and high adv... but to protect them with huge ice that is rezzed free through various means. i also wanted a lot of ice in this because if the special ability built into my faction... i must have 3-4 pieces of solid rezzable ice that has a end run routine on it. and they have to be there early. then i refill and get to clicking.



any thoughts, comments or constructive criticism  is appreciated. this is a very first corp build that is not net decked. this is exclusively build based of my past experience with this game and from what i have read in the rulebooks.


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I think 18 ice in a next design deck is not enough I once build a deck where I had 22 ice and still had a couple of games where I would have one or two ice hands twice in a row. So you'll probably want to add more ice as it is extrememly important to have a good starting hand. \


I'd take out closed accounts, scorched earth, and snare. 1 scorch and 1 snare snare will rarely do anything and closed accounts (while good tag punishment) won't do enough in this deck to warrant a spot since the only tagging mechanism you have is the single snare. That way you can add good out of faction ice to really bolster your defense.


Also just FYI I think Next design works better as a rush deck then a glaciar deck. The reason being is that the longer the game lasts the worse the disadvantage of Next Design being "blank" after the begininng of the game will be, while the preponderance of early ice allows you to rush through agendas so I'd change up your agendas with all of the HB 3/2s and NAPD Contracts plus a single efficiency committee, and really focus on rushing agendas, but that's just personal preference

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As a personal preference I love Archer but I do not feel it works with your Agenda spread here as you really don't want to give up Agendas worth 3 points or with added benefits.

I would also maybe think a little more about how many servers you want to have. I sometimes find early big servers aided by Biroid Effciency Research get you off to a fantastic start and if you can wall up hard early then you can get 5 credits from Successful Demonstration.

I definitely agree with Frybender though that more ICE is definitely required and the single Snare, Closed Accounts and Scorch isn't as effective at slowing the runner as cards which could simply stretch your early game power. The risk you then run however is if you fall behind early, it can be very hard to catch up. A 3 Credit ressed Wotan often helps with those pesky Account Siphons however.

All the best,


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