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Dwarven Fluff

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Dwarves put a great deal of importance into names. Family names, Hold names, weapon names, enemies names, Trade Names. But how do they acquire names such as ‘DragonSlayer’, ‘Orcs Bane’ or Elf-Killer? Surely they can’t just pick them out of the air willy-nilly, else there’d be an abundance of ‘Eric Mighty Thewed’ ,’Jak-the-sexual-dynamo’ and ‘Honest John’ Dirksson’s. Sure, there’s popular acclamation, but stuntie’s are such a contentious lot that there’d be constant disagreement (“Goblin slaughterer, how can you call him goblin slaughterer, he only killed thirty seven. And two of them were asleep!”), leading to an inevitable dust up and yet another entry in the book of Grudges. No, the mighty dwarves race has it’s own unique way of allocating acclamation - Runes.


 Once a dwarf feels ready for an addition to his name, he merely seeks out a rune priest, pays him a tidy sum of gold, drinks (many) bowls of purely ritualistic bugman’s and waits. The priest, communing with the supplicant’s family ghosts via the petitioner (easier when they’re pissed), casts the runes and viola, a name appears.


 Now, a double barrelled name provides mucho prestige when dealing with other dwarves, but care needs to be taken that the appellant has earned enough fame to receive a truly top notch honorific - you could develop some kind of a test to decide what sort of name the hero should get, but I prefer to pick one out based upon the characters feats, characteristics and the general vibe of your game. 


 Hence how the dwarf in my current campaign acquired the moniker - Grim (small) dog-slayer!*






*Whilst being introduced to some of the more prominent citizens of Altdorf, mistook a sleeping lap-dog on a chair for a cushion and sat on it, with fatal consequences.

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