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Season one game night kit

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My retailer has text me that they have got me the season One game night kit.

I haven't seen it yet as I have to travel some way to get to the shop in question and can't get it till next week. I was planning to run it on Saturday May 3rd and play test in with my group at home a week or too before that. 


has anyone yet attended one of the game sessions, i'm looking for some advice on what to  expect and some ideas on how to run it at a Hobby store. I have all the 2nd edition stuff once so only one core set. 


How long does the co-op game last; the news feed states its timed but it doesn't say how long for. I'd like to know how many games I could get in on one day to maximize the number of players who can take part in the event. 


I would appreciate any feedback or insights to running this event. 




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