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Pilots by the numbers

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Break downs as of all released models as of now up to Imperial Aces


Imperial pilots.

·         36 different pilots (818 points total)

·         23 named pilots

·         Average cost per ship 22.8 points

·         Pilot skills: 9-2, 8-4, 7-6, 6-6, 5-5, 4-5, 3-3, 2-3, 1-2

·         Passive abilities: 23

·         Group/area abilities:  4 (rerolls, pass ability action, nullify action)

·         Elite pilot icon:  16

·         Firing arcs:

o   Rear - 3

o   360° - 0

·         Missile capability - 9

·         Torpedo capability - 4(additional  for Salve 1 Title 3 pilots but only one per list)

·         Bomb capability - 8

·         Cannon capability - 8

·         Turret capability - 0

·         Sensor capability - 4



Rebellion pilots.

·         26 different pilots (668 point total)

·         16 named pilots

·         Average cost per ship 25.7 points

·         Pilot skills: 9-2, 8-5, 7-1, 6-5, 5-2, 4-4, 3-1, 2-4, 1-2

·         Passive abilities: 16

·         Group/area abilities:  7 (rerolls, pass ability action, nullify action)

·         Elite pilot icon:  11

·         Firing arcs:

o   Rear - 0

o   360° - 4 (y-wing and hawk models + 7 = 11 ships/pilots total with turrets added)

·         Missile capability - 7

·         Torpedo capability - 14

·         Bomb capability - 0

·         Cannon capability - 5

·         Turret Capability - 8

·         Sensor capability - 4


So where does this bring us as we look over the numbers.  Imperials vastly outnumber the Rebellion in general numbers.  They also have a lower point spread per ship to show how the numbers compare to the experience of pilot skill.  For pilot skill of PS 5 or greater of the Imperials are 23 to the Rebellions 15.  This was a surprise as the Rebellion only really was ahead of the Empire 1.7 to 1.5 so only a 0.2 margin in PS favoring the Rebellion. 


Passive abilities are a mixed bag, Imperials have a very powerful reroll passive action of two pilots which can be passed at range one compared to Rebellions generally only able to pass skills to one individual pilot at greater distance up to range 3 for some.  These abilities reflect the popular builds for each faction.  For Imperials it is supportive of greater numbers with rerolls for strength in numbers.  The Rebellions it reflects the idea of an elite force working together to aid in survivability. 

Ordinance is a mixed bag with bombs favoring the Empire and turrets for the Rebellion.  Turrets are very powerful but are usually very limited in number due to cost verses damage output.  The bombs of the Empire require a superb amount of planning and circumstance to be effective (this may change with the upcoming Epic ships).


Future releases that will impact this list is going to the Rebel Transport with release of the rest of the Rogue/X-wing pilots to help flesh out some possible very powerful abilities.  Rebel Aces will give a boost to the B-wing and A-wing lists.  But the dark horse of the list is Wave 4 and the yet unreleased pilots for these ships.  Also what may still remain hidden in Epic ships that hasn’t been released or revealed?  As an example how many really powerful card have been included with ships that they just don’t quite fit.  I fear the new combos of Epic that will trickle into normal (more importantly competitive) paly.  While tankie power plays of trip and quad builds usually aren’t found beyond top cuts they can ruin strength of schedule run.    

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Fantastic write-up on the differences between the factions.


I think it goes to confirm what we all already know:

FFG has done an amazing job of making the factions feel unique while still maintaining balance.

The choice comes down to taste.


I choose both.  ^_^

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