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Beren Eoath

Warhammer Quest/Mordheim - card game

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Besides WFRP 4e I wish for a

new card game with the feeling of classic Warhammer Quest & Mordheim

Warhammer Quest is a classic, to many fans of Warhammer Fantasy a game that should be remaked not only because of the memories with it but also to get new people into Warhammer. Also such title like Mordheim should get more audience. So why not connect both those and make a completely new game with the feeling of both. FFG has a long list of titles that used interesting mechanics especially when it comes at LCGs. Maybe You could do a cooperative card game with a little play against other players. It all could work very easy for example before every game You would draw a quest/goal card that should be accomplished to end the game. The game plays against players from a deck of event/enemies cards. Players control a group of adventurers that explore locations in search of equipment and to find the goal of the quest. The most important thing is that the game is playing against groups of adventurers but also every group fights for their own. The winner of the game is only one player who first accomplishes the goal or the game could beat all of them. This should be an LCG because it would not require plastic figures and it would be a very easy to add new cards with monthy Quest packs and deluxe expansions. Of course there should fractions in the game and I think that mixing those fractions to make the best playable deck could be handled like Warhammer 40 k Conquest with a wheel of choice.(I really like the idea of it). The most important thing about this idea is the fact that this game could be played from 1 to 4 players, so You could always try out your deck in a solo game and later against other players in the race to goal.

Of course such a game does not need to be a LCG but could be as good a board game (maybe similar to Runebound) or a stand alone card game.

Please FFG consider making such a game.



Beren Eoath

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