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Action Cards?

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Back when I first started playing Fireborn, in 2005, I remember having some handy reference cards, with all of the different moves you can use in a physical action. It was very helpful for learning combat, and speeding it up. However, I can't seem to find the ones I printed out, and can't find the digital files for them online. I don't know if they were fan-made, or official FFG cards.

Anybody know where to find them?

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They where official cards that where part of the "Lost Lore" eratta pdf file.


For whatever reason, they never added the file together with the pdf releases of the game master's book and player's handbook for Fireborn, which iritates me greatly.

However, that is not the end of it, as people have been helpfull enough to keep such material safe for the people who need them :)


It's up on Google drive here;



Some other tidbits are available as well;



Glad to help you out anyway I can!



the Lost Lore pdf only contains the cards for the physical actions, generally this should be enough to work with, but it can be helpfull to also have the Mental action cards as well.


The action cards for Mental actions where made by fans of the Fireborn community boards, and have also been uploaded to the Google drive.

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If you really need a single pdf with the cards I could try making one.


It shouldn't be too hard to extract only the last few pages of the pdf after all.

Can be done with a free program to "print" a file to pdf.


Would have to search around for it and install it again.

When I get the time and do so, I'll let you know and give a link to it.


But.. as you rediscoverd the old cards it's probably not really neccesary anymore :)

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