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Complete collection of 1st and 2nd Edition [Photos]

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My copy of Shadows of Nerekhall arrived today. As I was integrating the new components into the rest of my Descent stuff, it occurred to me how MUCH freaking stuff I have.


1st Edition:

  • Base
  • Well of Darkness
  • Altar of Despair
  • Road to Legend
  • Tomb of ice
  • Sea of Blood
  • Hardbound Quest Book


2nd Edition:

  • Base
  • Converstion Kit
  • Lair of the Worm
  • Labyrinth of Ruin
  • The Trollfens
  • Shadows of Nerekhall
  • All Lieutenant packs (exempt the new ones for Shadows of Nerekhall)

I realize many of you might have the same, and might also have your minis painted. I might pay to have somebody do them someday. But for now, unpainted works fine. 


Also... if anybody lives near Sacramento, CA, send me a PM. Looking for more people to play with!


Here are some pictures. Enjoy.  





The play mat seen here is one I made in photoshop, printed, and laminated. I love it. You can check it out on Board Game Geek.













Not pictured: All my 1st Edition cards, tiles, books, player mats, etc. 

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