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Nerekhall Universal Card Strategies

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Does anyone else like the look of this new Universal card in the overlord deck ?



"Play this card during your turn to shuffle the overlord discard pile into the overlord deck. then draw 1 overlord card."


You could for instance, hold all your cards until the start of encounter 2. Blow all your trap cards (like webtrap) at the start of the encounter + all the rest of your strongest cards.


Slap down the refresh card and start picking up some of your best cards again to use later in the encounter. This also might make the plan ahead overlord card alot stronger as you know the top 5 cards in your overlord deck have the potential to be really good cards !


Refresh + Schemes also seems like a really great combination, you can dig into your overlord deck to get that card you really need in a pinch (which in the process discards potentially ALOT of overlord cards) then play refresh to bring all those discarded cards back into your overlord deck.



"Play this card at the start of your turn and choose 1 hero sheet. Until the start of your next turn, each time any hero tests an attribute, he must use the attribute value on that hero sheet."


This card could  be handy when dropping a web-trap on a group with mostly high strength characters.



"Play this card during your turn and discard any 1 card from your hand. Search your overlord deck for 1 card of your choice with the same trait (event, magic, trap) as the discarded card. Reveal the chosen card and place it in your hand. Then shuffle your overlord deck"


Not a bad choice at all if you have invested 3xp into a card and you want to absolutely make sure that you get to play it virtually every quest.



Diverse means:

"Play this card when a monster is attacked, defence dice are rolled. Reveal any number of Overlord cards from your hand. That monster recovers 1 heard and adds 1 shield to his defence results for each non-basic Overlord card you reveal."


The non-basic part of this card is kind of sucky, however there are some quests that require keeping a lieutenant alive at all costs. This card could also be useful for keeping an Overlord Agent alive long enough to make it to the end of the encounter (potentially saving your ass 3 threat tokens.



"Play this card at the start of any turn and choose a faceup search card in the hero's play area. Flip that search card facedown"


This card speaks for itself.. bye bye incredibly annoying stamina potion held by high mage quellen who can manage to get from one side of the board back again with 1 stamina potion along with his heroic feat.... then again trap cards also work incredibly well on him trapping him all by himself in the middle of nowhere.




I am really happy with these Universal cards, they i think they strengthen the strategy of not even specialising in any deck in particular a lot more which is a strategy i am very strongly considering in this current campaign i am overlording in. I'm also interested to see what card combinations you guys have thought up that would be good plays with these new cards. Personally i am a big fan of that refresh card and the combinations that can be pulled off with it !



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Solidarity and Placebo are well worth the price.  Nothing like making Grisban take a strength test using Tomble's strength.  And Placebo can win games turning off a key search card.

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Quick question regarding Universal Cards.

I have already asked FFG, but it's been 10 days and no reply yet.


Diverse Means. Costs 2 XP. It is the only 2 XP Universal card I own (all the other Universals are 1 XP), and I'm not sure how to Purchase it during the Campaign Phase.


In order to purchase a 2 XP Universal card, do I need 2 Universal cards that cost 1 XP, or are all Universal Cards always available for purchase?


Thank you in advance.

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Personnaly, I only love Placebo


All others are not powerfull enough, and are lost exp point for worth of class cards.


But I already see a so cool combo


Raythen's plot deck, Placebo, and Bandits ! Looks like heroes will not have a good day with search

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