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Balancing the Teams

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Thats true. With Chaos team, you should not play defensively. You must try to win any matchup you participate in. Get always as close as possible with the Starpower to the enemy. It is completely uneffective doing the dwarven style, winning one sure and losing the other sure. Thats not how to win with Chaos.

You must rely on you Cheats, on your luck. Of course, Chaos is not the appropriate team, if you want to win the game with your superior knowledge. If you are for sure better than the other players, then another team would be better for you, like humans or Woodelfs (as those are less luck dependent). Even if youre better, Chaos unluck can still make you lose.

Winning with Chaos is definitively possible, but most possible in a matchup where anyone knows what he is doing, where all players are equally experienced. Then Chaos can make you win the game by pure luck. Always remeber, rely on your cheating luck, and try to win any matchup.

And never forget to kill people with your Warriors to create Fans. Try not to face dwarfs too often. Your favourite enemies are Skaven and Woodelfs (those have a lot of STR2 players, that you can kick rather good....maybe also Goblins, i dont have that new addon yet).


And finally, I dont get it why you rate human so high. I all our games, human exactly won once. They are nice, Throwers and Catchers have great synergy, Blitzers are awsome. But they still lack any specific strength. Their only chance is to win the game via their team upgrades that give them a lot of fans. They are somhow like a sneaky team, that noone thinks to be able to win during the game, but afterwards, they get a hack'o'fans and follow up to the other leading teams.

One more question: Do you play with the "forbidden" training cards ?(dont kow their english names...those who ridiculously create all those fans) I think humans do profit more from them than the other teams. This might be a reason for your extraordinary experiences with HU.

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No, we don't play with the Salary Cap variant. Like you said, it allows for some ridiculous wins, and we don't like that.

Humans benefit a lot from enchanted balls. You commit a blitzer, tackle a player, execute a pass, get the ball, and execute a third skill? That is amaaaaaazing :) I don't find humans as lacking any particular strength, I think they are very strong in all departments. They're not stellar in any department, if that's what you mean, but they lack nothing and are competitive enough on all these points to meet virtually any other team. Your mileage may vary obviously, but they just have the perfect base roster and anybody can pilot them to victory.

If we have new players crashing for a game, I always suggest Humans as being one of the teams to try out. In the hands of a strategist, they really shine.

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