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Good beginner Empire squad

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Elkerlyc I played your list today. It worked so well. I won the game.


Yay! Thumbs up. :)


What did you face and what did you learn?


I Faced:



Heavy Laser cannon, Gunner, Weapons Engineer, Fire Control System, Engine Upgrade

Captain Jonus

Assault Missile

Scimitar Squadron

Assault Missile, Assault Missile


- I learned that asteroids can be a pain but can also save your life.

- I learned that an Academy pilot can be worth more that a Bounty Hunter. 

  My one Academy Pilot just didn't want to die, even when facing Heavy Laser Cannon it just evaded it all.

  And it killed the Tie Bomber and would have the shuttle but my opponent conceded.

- I learned that a shuttle is really slow and difficult to maneuver, but I love it.

- Lastly I leaned that good placement can really ruin your opponents day by blocking all of his ships.

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